Meet Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited’s Housemates + Profile

Last night (October 13), the 13 official housemates of “Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited” were finally revealed, but the biggest shock was the new look of the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) house.

Completely different from previous seasons, the housemates entered a PBB house reminiscent of slum settlements. According to Kuya, they will have to live like the 15 million Filipinos  living in shanties and in very poor conditions.

Get to know the new housemates of Kuya here:

PBB Unlimited HM Jaz Manabat -- Sensual Siren of QC
There is Jaz Manabat (a.ka. Jahziel Manabat), the Sensual Siren of QC, a mesmerizing car show model who posed for numerous men’s magazine including FHM Philippines and Playboy Philippines (as Jessie Medina), and has a boyfriend of five years.

Jahziel is the very first model that I worked with during my stint with Playboy Philippines. She is a sweet girl and hesitant at first to do other stuff aside from doing car show modelling. But when she started posing for FHM Philippines, she’s gone wilder and wilder each issue.

Real Name: Jahziel Ruiz Manabat

Nickname: Jaz

Status: Current Housemate

Origin: Quezon City

Age: 24

Birthdate: 1987-04-09

Nationality: Filipino

Religion: Roman Catholic

Hobbies: watching movies, window shopping, jogging, surfing the net, chatting with friends

Favorite Color: black, orange, pink

Favorite Food: pasta, pancit, lumpia

Favorite Show: America’s Next Top Model, Pinoy Big Brother, The Buzz

Favorite Actress: Toni Gonzaga, Kris Aquino, Alessandra de Rossi

Favorite Singer: Katy Perry, Freestyle


PBB Unlimited HM Slater Young -- Hotshot Engineer of Cebu
Slater Young, the Hotshot Engineer of Cebu, a privileged civil engineer who works for his father and hopes to become mature inside the PBB house. Slater is also a competitive shooter and varsity table tennis player. He hopes to experience a lot from the PBB house and is open to finding “love” among his housemates.  “I expect to go crazy. I joined for an adventure. I want something new, to break the routine.”

Real Name: Jan Slater Young

Nickname: Slater

Status: Current Housemate

Origin: Cebu City

Age: 24

Birthdate: 1987-12-19

Nationality: Filipino

Occupation: civil engineer

Religion: Roman Catholic

Hobbies: board games, hanging out, going to the gym, competitive shooting

Favorite Color: white, blue, purple

Favorite Food: steak

Favorite Show: Family Guy, HIMYM, Community

Favorite Actress: Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Bea Alonzo

Favorite Singer: Jack Black, U2, bamboo, Wolfgang, The Script, Train, Tenacious D


The Captain’s Daughter of QC, Tin Patrimonio, the home-schooled daughter of basketball superstar Alvin Patrimonio, has yet to learn how to mingle well with other people. Closed to her family and owns 16 pet dogs (Chihuahua, Great Dane, American Cocker Spaniel, Jack Russell,   French Bulldog, and Whippet).

Real Name: Anna Christine Conwi Patrimonio

Nickname: Tin

Status: Current Housemate

Origin: Cainta, Rizal

Age: 20

Birthdate: 1991-12-29

Nationality: Filipino

Religion: Christian

Hobbies: hanging out with family and friends, watching movies, karaoke, going to the spa and beach

Favorite Color: blue, pink, red

Favorite Food: desserts, sweets

Favorite Show: Friends, Gossip Girl, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy

Favorite Actress: Natalie Portman, Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie

Favorite Singer: Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Christian songs


PBB Unlimited HM Kigoy Abarico -- Bay Diskarte of Ormoc
The Bay Diskarte of Ormoc, Kigoy Abarico, who ran away from his family and lived most of his life on the streets. Showing his OA antics already, he is set to be the new “Franzen/Jayson/Melai” of PBB. Although according to him, his reason for joining was to find his two (2) lost siblings, because he wanted to have his family reunited despite the fact that his other 5 siblings came from different father.

Real Name:Marnill S. Abarico

Nickname: Kigoy

Status: Current Housemate

Origin: Ormoc, Leyte

Age: 32

Birthdate: 1979-10-19

Nationality: Filipino

Religion: Roman Catholic

Hobbies: playing guitar, drinking with friends, talking about life

Favorite Color: sky blue, white, black

Favorite Food: fried chicken

Favorite Show: Dragon Ball Z, TV Patrol, MMK, ASAP

Favorite Actress: Maja Salvador, Kirsten Dunst, Jennifer Connelly

Favorite Singer: Rod Stewart, Siakol, Yano, Wolfgang


PBB Unlimited HM Roy Gamboa -- Sales Lakay of Pangasinan
The Sales Lakay of Pangasinan is Roy Gamboa, a direct seller who struggled to provide a comfortable life for his family.

Real Name: Roy Marcelo Gamboa

Nickname: Roy

Status: Current Housemate

Real Name: Roy Marcelo Gamboa

Origin: Pangasinan

Age: 29

Birthdate: 1982-01-15


Religion: Iglesia ni Cristo

Hobbies: dancing workout, videoke to the max, pasyal-pasyal

Favorite Color: green

Favorite Food: dinengdeng, pinakbet, gulay

Favorite Show: Bottomline, PGT, late night shows with interviews, cooking and singing contests

Favorite Actress: Angelica Panganiban, Eugene Domingo

Favorite Singer: Jed Madela, Martin Nievera, Ne-Yo


PBB Unlimited HM Luz McClinton -- Mom of Steel of Muntinlupa
Luz McClinton, the Mom of Steel of Muntinlupa, is the oldest among the housemates. A toughie who worked hard to support her family, she used to sell goto and cigarette on the street before becoming a professional bodybuilder.  

Real Name: Luzviminda Longabila McClinton

Nickname: Luz

Status: Current Housemate

Origin: Muntinlupa (Kalibo, Aklan)

Age: 33

Birthdate: 1978-05-29

Nationality: Filipino

Occupation: bodybuilder

Religion: Roman Catholic

Hobbies: working out, hard training, bodybuilding, dancing

Favorite Color: lavender, black, beige

Favorite Food: prawns

Favorite Show: PBB, Nat-Geo, Biography

Favorite Actress: Sharon Cuneta, Jennifer Lopez, Vilma Santos

Favorite Singer: Jennifer Lopez, Pussycat Dolls, Regine Velasquez


PBB Unlimited HM Pamu Pamorada -- Kitikiti Kid of Batangas
The struggling but wacky Pamu Pamorada is  the Kitikiti Kid of Batangas and a self-proclaimed lukring  (crazy).  

Real Name: Annielie Gerez Pamorada

Nickname: Pamu

Status: Current Housemate

Origin: Lipa, Batangas

Age: 19

Birthdate: 1992-01-08

Nationality: Filipino

Religion: Roman Catholic

Hobbies: pagtugtog at pagsayaw bago matulog, kumain at kumanta

Favorite Color: white, yellow, red, green

Favorite Food: sinigang

Favorite Show: Kristin, Tayong Dalawa, Mula sa Puso, Rosalka, Glee, Korean telenovelas

Favorite Actress: Anne Curtis, Dimples Romana, Kaye Abad, Maricar Reyes, Jodi Sta. Maria

Favorite Singer: Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, LeeAnn Rimes, Mary J. Blige, Sarah Geronimo


PBB Unlimited HM Joseph Biggel -- Promdihirang Tisoy of Marinduque
Fisherman Joseph Bigel,  the Promdihirang Tisoy of Marinduque, is half-Filipino, half-German. He was raised by his grandparents in Marinduque after his mother left him and his little brother to work abroad. He worked hard to finance his brother’s studies and ended up working as a farmer, fisherman and make-up artist for his grand father’s funeral parlor.

Real Name: Joseph Emil S. Biggel

Nickname: Biggel

Status: Current Housemate

Origin: Marinduque

Age: 19

Birthdate: 1992-07-27

Nationality: Filipino-German

Religion: Roman Catholic

Hobbies: basketball, singing R&B and rap

Favorite Color: white, black

Favorite Food: saging na saba

Favorite Show: Showtime, Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin

Favorite Actor: Coco Martin

Favorite Actress: Cristine Reyes

Favorite Singer: Akon, Parokya ni Edgar


PBB Unlimited HM Divine Maithland-Smith -- Darling Dude of Cebu
Tattoo artist Divine Maitland-Smith, the Darling Dude of Cebu and Kuya’s first openly lesbian housemate. Divine smiles a lot, open-minded and very understanding. “I like people who express themselves, but I also like people who are hard to open up. I think they’re interesting. I like everyone. I don’t really like angry people, then again, they’re angry for a reason. So I’ll understand them more.”

Real Name: Divine Muego Maitland-Smith

Nickname: Divine

Status: Current Housemate

Origin: Cebu City

Age: 20

Birthdate: 1991-03-09

Nationality: Filipino-British

Religion: atheist; believes in a higher power

Hobbies: going to the gym, hanging out with friends, drawing

Favorite Color: purple

Favorite Food: beef steak

Favorite Show: Modern Family, Hell’s Kitchen

Favorite Actress: Angelina Jolie

Favorite Singer: Usher


PBB Unlimited HM Kim De Guzman -- Stunning Sweetheart of Olongapo
The Stunning Sweetheart of Olongapo, Kim De Guzman, hopes to find and get to know his biological father.

Real Name: Kim de Guzman

Nickname: Kim

Status: Current Housemate

Origin: Olongapo

Age: 19

Birthdate: 1992-06-07

Nationality: Filipino

Religion: Roman Catholic

Hobbies: shopping, eating, playing with dogs

Favorite Color: white, black, brown

Favorite Food: sinigang, spaghetti

Favorite Show: Showtime, The Simpsons, Bio, MTV Cribs

Favorite Actress: Anne Curtis, Angel Locsin, Amanda Seyfried

Favorite Singer: Drake, MusicSoulChild, Usher


PBB Unlimited HM Paco Evangelista -- Hopeless Romantic of Gensan
Paco Evangelista is  the Hopeless Romantic of Gensan. He wants to start anew after living through his life’s hardest challenges. Paco hopes to be the entertainer, leader, or communicator for the housemates, if not, the house cookso he can show-off his specialty: beef stroganoff.

Real Name: Philip Joel Lape Evangelista

Nickname: Paco

Status: Current Housemate

Origin: General Santos City

Age: 26

Birthdate: 1985-07-28

Nationality: Filipino

Religion: Roman Catholic

Hobbies: photography, film making

Favorite Color: green, blue, red, white

Favorite Food: pasta

Favorite Show: So You Think You Can Dance, Cedie Ang Munting Prinsipe, HIMYM, Boston Legal

Favorite Actress: Natalie Portman, Meryl Streep, Cristine Reyes, Alessandra de Rossi, Eugene Domingo

Favorite Singer: Sting, Parokya ni Edgar, Eraserheads, Wolfgang, Jon Mayer, Urbandub


PBB Unlimited HM Seichang Ushimi -- Pinoy Anime of Japan
Seichang Ushimi, the Pinoy Anime of Japan, is raised in Japan but frequently visit his mother’s hometown Davao in the Philippines. Seichang will definitely going to be a hit among Pinoys as we are fondly attracted to anime-looking and half-Pinoys.

Real Name: Seiichi Ushimi

Nickname: Seichang

Status: Current Housemate

Origin: Tokyo, Japan

Age: 22

Birthdate: 1989-03-16

Nationality: Filipino-Japanese

Hobbies: reading books

Favorite Color: pink, purple, wine red… basta cute

Favorite Food: kare-kare, adobo, barbecue

Favorite Show: Dragonball Z, Pinoy Big Brother, ASAP

Favorite Actress: Sarah Geronimo, Penelope Cruz

Favorite Singer: SMAP band


PBB Unlimited HM Kevin Fowler -- Dreamboy of California
Kevin Fowler, the Dreamboy of California, would like to reconnect with his Filipino roots by joining the reality show. “I’m ready to be surprised. It’ll be fun.” Raised to be independent, Kevin knows how to do house chores, “I clean all the time!” Although he is shy person, he learns to adjust quickly.  “I like to make people laugh, set a good mood.”

Real Name: Kevin Andrew Fowler

Nickname: Kevin

Status: Current Housemate

Origin: California, USA

Age: 18

Birthdate: 1993-09-23

Nationality: 75% Filipino, 25% American

Religion: Christian

Hobbies: working out, playing the guitar, dancing, hanging out with friends

Favorite Color: blue, red, silver

Favorite Food: pancit, sinigang

Favorite Show: American Dad, Scrubs, Parks and Recreation

Favorite Actress: Anne Curtis, Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone

Favorite Singer: Drake, Michael Jackson, Atreyu, Black Tide, Bobby Ray, Avenged Sevenfold


Aside from the 13 official housemates, 30 “reserved” housemates also graced last night’s “PBB Unlimited: The Big Fiesta” in which a lucky Carlo Romero, a retail sales consultant from Chicago, was given the chance to enter the house when his number was drawn in a lottery.

Carlo will have to accomplish four tasks this week so he can stay in the house and be an official housemate.

Meanwhile, this season’s guaranteed unlimited experience set off last night when Paco, Slater, and Luz were asked to go inside the confession room and choose which basic necessity they would want to have an unlimited supply of, but with corresponding consequences: water, food, or clothes.

Don’t miss the exciting developments in “Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited” with Toni Gonzaga and Bianca Gonzales weeknights after “Nasaan Ka, Elisa?” and Robi Domingo in “PBB Unlimited Updates” during “Maria La Del Barrio” and “100 Days to Heaven” on ABS-CBN.

Continue watching  “PBB Unlimited: The Audition Stories,” 4 PM on Kapamilya Gold and get to know more about the housemates by visiting their official website. For the program’s updates, follow his Secretary on Twitter at @OfficialPBB4 or subscribe to their official Facebook Page.

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