Go Organic! A Meaningful Trip To Costales Nature Farms

With my recent visit to Costales Nature Farms in Majayjay, Laguna, I now got conscious with the food I eat.

I admit I have less education when it comes to organic food. All I know is that it doesn’t involved harmful fertilizer but exactly had no idea what’s the difference between organic to non-organic. Before, I thought vegetables that has bitter taste are just not fresh. And that vegetables with holes (because it was eaten by worms) are not good to eat. It turns out what makes a vegetable bitter in taste is because of the chemicals used, and that it’s actually healthier to eat slightly damaged vegetables because it only shows that it’s fresh… and organic. That’s why I am thankful that I have attended a lecture about organic at Costales Nature Farms.


Last August 27, I had the most fun and educational trip with fellow bloggers at the Costales Nature Farms in Majayjay, Laguna. It was actually a long drive (more than 3 hours from Makati) and we had a bad weather that day. But it didn’t dampen our spirits as we know this will be a memorable trip for everyone. The event, organized by Niet Jamon Arceo of

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