Playboy Philippines Features The Mocha Girls On Their September 2012 Music Issue

I was no longer surprised when I saw The Mocha Girls gracing the cover of this month’s issue of Playboy Philippines magazine.

Like what I said in my previous post about Playboy Philippines, it seems they are now okay in featuring FHM Philippines famous cover girls and models. When I’m still ‘connected’ for that company (Adamos Media Publishing), I did pitched for The Mocha Girls to be featured on the magazine cover sometime in early 2009. I personally know The Mocha Girls whose original line up that time were Mocha Uson, Hershey Delas Alas, Bez Lacanlale and Grace Oracion. But because Playboy Philippines was ‘strict’ that time in getting cover girls and models, they rejected the idea of putting The Mocha Girls because Mocha Uson (and Hershey Delas Alas) was very much affiliated that time to the now-defunct Maxim Philippines magazine. Mocha Uson actually have a sex column of some sort (or photo diary – a collection of girls she kiss) at Maxim magazine.

I still fought for it (because The Mocha Girls are a ‘hot property’ and very ‘controversial’ that time) and managed to compromise to feature a member of The Mocha Girls instead. The staff voted for Grace Oracion since she was the youngest of the group and not that ‘exposed’ yet in daring pictorials (she did appeared topless though for Maxim Philippines). And so the August 2009 cover of Grace Oracion was made. If you happen to be at her shoot at the Arena Fitness Center along Quezon Avenue, you will know that her cover didn’t really gave much justice to her hot pictorial.

In 2010,  Hershey Delas Alas, Bez Lacanlale and Grace Oracion left the group (or ‘axed’ according to Mocha Uson, depending on whose story you will believe) to form a new girl group and called themselves Girlz INK who eventually landed as Orange Magazine TV‘s premiere cover girls last July 2010. Mocha Uson, on the other hand, continued with what she have started with the Mocha Girls and recruited new members namely Mae Dela Cerna (formerly of the EB Babes), Franz Fainsan, Yumi Ociman, and Chloe RectoMinus Playboy Philippines magazine, The Mocha Girls managed to get endorsement deals from Playboy’s other franchise: Playboy Fragrances in 2011. It was funny that time because the said Playboy Fragrances was never included in Playboy Philippines advertising pages but now that The Mocha Girls are now ‘officially’ a Playboy model, I guess the deal includes a tie-up with Playboy Fragrances. Good job Playboy Philippines!

Anyways, I’m still happy that The Mocha Girls finally landed to Playboy Philippines magazine cover where they belong. It’s long overdue already for someone like Mocha Uson who spells H-O-T-N-E-S-S after all these years.

According to Playboy Philippines, ‘the femme fatales prove to be steady with the ever-changing local pop scene. The Mocha Girls have all the trappings of a pop act, but beyond the seamless and fiercely feminine image is a thrust that goes beyond the rhythm of the local sphere. The girls are out to preach sexual freedom, urging debate and exploring self-empowerment as they go.’

Check out this behind-the-scene video created by the Mocha Girls Team:

The September Issue also coincides with their annual Playboy Music Issue and it’s only fitting that they have chosen The Mocha Girls especially that they have a new album out, “18+ Restricted” produced by Playboy Fragrances and released under Bellhaus Entertainment. 18+ Restricted also won ‘Dance Album of the Year’ at the recently concluded 4th PMPC Star Awards for Music.

Aside from Girlz INK, I consider The Mocha Girls as the best girl group. They have proved how great they were on stage and there is no stopping The Mocha Girls from being the #1 girl group in the Philippines!

All the best to The Mocha Girls and hope to see you soon! Give me a signed copy! ;-)

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