Super Sireyna Winner Francine Garcia’s Photo Scandal Surfaced Online

Newly-crowned Super Sireyna Francine Garcia got dethroned hours after his erotic nude photos and videos of her from a Ladyboy Porn site spread in the social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Francine Garcia aka Kim Chu ‘Queen of the Jungle’ was dethroned by the management of Eat Bulaga and Tape Inc. due to the scandalous photos. The candidate who placed second to her will be announced and crowned next week on Eat Bulaga.

The other candidates are Super Sireyna Queen of Asia, Mariane ” Cristine Reyes” Arguelles; Super Sireyna Queen of Tourism, Mae “Marian Rivera” Andrada; Super Sireyna Queen of the World, Michelle “Georgina Wilson” Bermudez; Super Sireyna Queen of the Sky, Maki Eve “Jennylyn Mercado” Mercedez; Super Sireyna Queen of the Ocean, Bembem “Carla Abellana” Radaza; Super Sireyna Queen of the Wind, Aya “Bangs Garcia” Garcia; at Super Sireyna Queen of the Universe, Ava “Heart Evangelista” Santillian.

Here is the official statement of Eat Bulaga and Tape Inc.:

“Eat Bulaga and Tape Inc. is bound by the rules to maintain the integrity and credibility of the pageant “Super Sireyna”.

“Super Sireyna” was created to uplift the image of the LGBT Community in the Philippines particularly the Transgenders/Transsexuals sector. To empower them. To create an impression that is acceptable to the society. To become a good role model not only to the LGBT community but to everyone in general.

We regret to inform everyone that our Public Relations Office received numerous complaints about Ms. Garcia’s wrongful doings both in the past and present time. These complaints were solidified with evidences such as photos and videos. However, no further details will provided to the public as a sign of respect to Ms Garcia.

After a thorough deliberation, the management made a heartbreaking decision to dethrone Ms. Garcia. A true Super Sireyna should possess qualities of a true queen. Classy and decent. She should set a good example to everyone.

We admire Ms. Garcia for her courageous act in admitting the circumstances surrounding the scandal, but we also have to render fair judgment on the grounds of MISCONDUCT by stripping her of the title.

This decision is rendered with finality and the Eat Bulaga Management and Tape Inc. stands by it.”


As it turns out, Francine Garcia was not yet dethroned as first reported on other websites and social media sites. Many have reacted that the said ‘official’ statement of Eat Bulaga! and TAPE Inc. was never issued and as verified, there is no official statement released regarding the scandalous photos. We apologize for the wrong information first published here. Will update this again once Eat Bulaga! and TAPE Inc. finally issued a statement regarding this issue.

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