Best ways to remain friends with benefits

Being friends with benefits basically means having sex with hot girls without turning it into a serious relationship. This is a dangerous but intriguing form of relationship. Therefore, such “couples” follow certain friends with benefits rules. Let’s find out how to become friends with benefits and, most importantly, how to remain ones.

  • Agree on your intentions before going into the relationship

Most people do not discuss their plans on each other. They don’t agree on any rules, they don’t usually imagine their further relationships and don’t really know where they will stand in the end of it. There is a short way from lovely talking to horizontal stage, especially if we have a bottle of wine to help us make it really short. The thing is that the lack of communication makes such relationships die fast, and this is sad.

But what if the relationship keeps developing? Where does it lead us? It may sound surprising, but couples who discuss their status and their feelings have a better future. According to the latest researches, those who communicate more appear remain friends or friends with benefits even after a year. It depends on what does friends with benefits mean for you. If you care a lot about the relationship, then discuss it with your partner.

  • You should be honest with yourself

Make sure that you do not want being more than friends with benefits. Don’t go into this thing, unless you are totally sure about it. The discussion may help you with a lot. Usually, when talking thins over, you somehow come to the conclusion how you feel about certain things: you realize that some rules or principles sound great but some seem really stupid or hilarious to you. A survey has shown that after a year of friends with benefits relationship the couple either has a certain image of what will happen next or demonstrates certain desires on that matter. Most partners want to:

– continue being friends with benefits
– become friends again
– go into a romantic relationship

Are you still so sure that you want to be friends with benefits? Where would you like to see your couple in future?

  • Come up with a plan B

Let’s start with some statistics. 60% of people, who wanted nothing more but being friends with benefits, ended up as friends eventually; 40% of people, who wanted to remain friends with benefits, achieved their goal; only 15% of people, who wanted the relationship to turn into a romantic one, made it work. Therefore, I suggest you to understand your inner desires first. Don’t rush it. Work on a plan B, in case if your partner does not want what you want.

  • Do not pretend that your relationships are more serious than they really are

There is a huge risk of falling for someone you are sleeping with. If you have good sex with a good friend, there is a huge risk to fall for him. The only advice I can give here is: if you are sleeping with someone claiming that this is a friendly sex and nothing more, and you think about this guy 24/7 and dreaming about getting married with him, stop it! Slow down, before it’s too late (the earlier, the better!). Do not expect that the circumstances will change (that he will fall in love with you somehow). It is better to speak directly and frankly, and if you make sure that there is nothing for you here, run away and don’t look back. Cut off all the ends, do not communicate via social networks, stop seeing each other (at least for a while). Be thankful for all the good and pleasant things that have happened between you, and move forward, looking for a relationship that suit you more.

  • Don’t focus your whole life on your partner

Many people all over the world enjoy being friends with benefits. The main thing is: do not loose on what hurts you, and do not tolerate it only because you care about this person or because you are afraid of being lonely. Be honest with each other and have a good sex!

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