Boracay Water’s Environmental Advocacy Turns One Year, Gains More Support

Boracay Water’s Amot Amot Para sa Malimpyong Boracay (Toka Toka Para Sa Malinis na Boracay), an advocacy on proper management of wastewater (used water) in every household or establishment as an important share (“amot”) in sustaining the pristine waters and beaches of the Island of Boracay, celebrated its first year by tapping more stakeholders to support the program.

In Photo: Acs Aldaba, Business Operations Head of Boracay Water (1st from left), Hon. Chona V. Gabay, Barangay Captain of Manocmanoc (2nd from left), Muamar Faisal Arumpac Sitio Community leader (4th), Engr. Jen Vergara, Technical Operations Head of Boracay Water (8th), during the donation of garbage bins in Sitio Ambulong

The largest and preferred water and used water service company in the Island brought Amot Amot to Sitio Ambulong in Barangay Manocmanoc to urge collaboration with its community members. Boracay Water representatives shared to the community the importance of proper solid waste segregation and disposal, the significance of responsible and appropriate used water management, and the threats and dangers imposed by the lack of proper used water treatment to the environment as well as to their health.

To date, only less than 20 percent of households in Sitio Ambulong are connected to the sewer system of Boracay Water. Through this effort, Boracay Water hopes to encourage more customers to do their share in ensuring the sustainability of the Island by applying for individual sewer connection.

In response to the advocacy’s call, Sitio Ambulong led by Barangay Captain Chona V. Gabay plans to work with Boracay Water for the construction of a centralized septic tank facility for the community, which also aims to prevent used water runoff from flowing to the streets or contaminating groundwater sources. In addition, the entire community including children and parents participated in a clean-up drive where more than 50 kilos of garbage were collected and properly segregated.

Amot Amot is the first environmental movement that puts forward the importance of proper used water management in ensuring and protecting the coastal resources of Boracay Island and, in effect, sustaining its tourism industry. By its colloquial tag, the movement aims to instigate and strengthen cooperative volunteerism across different sectors of stakeholders through information, education and communication (IEC) efforts and on-ground project fulfilment. The program pushes four ways by which stakeholders may do their share by supporting used water projects and initiatives of Boracay Water, spreading awareness on the importance of used water management, segregating solid wastes, and connecting their homes or establishment to a reliable sewer system.

Since its launch in 2016, Boracay Water’s Amot Amot sa Malimpyong Boracay has received the commitment of over 310 stakeholders from public and private organizations.

Boracay Water is a company formed through a 25-year concession agreement between Manila Water Philippine Ventures and the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) in 2009. The partnership has remained steadfast in its efforts to protect and sustain the Island, by delivering the water and used water requirements of the three barangays of Manocmanoc, Balabag, and Yapak. The company’s used water facilities ensure that used water coming from homes and commercial establishments collected via the sewer system or the company’s septic tank desludging services undergoes a rigorous treatment process. This guarantees that treated used water or effluent from Boracay Water’s facilities complies with the Class SB Standards set by the Department of Natural Resources, making it safe for human contact and can support aquatic life.

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