Designer Kaye Morales Ready To Debut ‘Vomit’ At Philippine Fashion Week

Hot off the heels of her critically acclaimed 2016 collection, Identity, Kaye Morales is set to release her newest and most daring collection to date, Vomit.

Where Identity pushed the boundaries of the gender binary, Vomit is a daring new collection that will take Kaye Morales’ signature urban pop aesthetic to new creative heights.

“Through this collection, I want to show people that art is everywhere. While it features my signature traits of pop art and punk aesthetics, Vomit is a collection that showcases my integrity as an artist,” says Kaye Morales.

The collection is inspired by ‘Vomit Art’, an avant-garde genre of modern art that dares people to see perfection in the derelict- the strains that lie in the fringes of our culture that often goes unnoticed by many, yet revered by many who are able to see its worth in beauty.

“I don’t want to just be regarded as a fashion designer,” Morales shares. “I want to be known as an artist. For me, art is everywhere and I want people to be able to experience my art completely in their daily life.”

And now, after many months, Kaye Morales is ready to unveil Vomit at this month’s Philippine Fashion Week.

Held twice a year, the Philippine Fashion Week is the longest-running fashion event in the country. The event showcases collections from prominent and up-and-coming designers alike in the local fashion industry and has attracted international names in the fashion world such as Nina Garcia and Kylie Jenner.


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