Foot Zone Makati: Celebrating A Year Of Wellness

The demands of today’s more-on-the-go lifestyle and more aggressive work attitudes, can lead to many feeling drained after a busy work week. Hence, there’s been a surge of wellness centers offering a variety of treatments that aim to alleviate stress and provide overall wellness for young and old.

Celebrating a year of wellness, Foot Zone reflexology center along Jupiter Street, Makati, is a prime example of how much people these days are in need of some good r & r. Located at Sunshine Place, a known wellness hub in the area, Foot Zone complements its other tenants perfectly in keeping people engaged in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Foot Zone’s target market is composed of people who are keen on living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. While they are not a treatment center unlike most reflexology centers, and knowing that reflexology falls under alternative medicine, Foot Zone is more geared towards the wellness spectrum.

Initially established by a group of business partners for personal access to authentic Xiamen-style Foot Reflexology while they are in Manila, Foot Zone‘s expansion came about so more Filipinos may have access to it without travelling to Xiamen, China.

Easily accessible, Foot Zone’s Makati branch is a favorite among office workers, families, and groups of friends no matter what time of the day. Aside from its convenient location, what continues to lure customers to Foot Zone is its unique Xiamen-style foot reflexology.

Meant to stimulate different reflex points on one’s feet and legs, with the use of thumbs, knuckles, and fingers to apply pressure, Foot Zone therapists undergo rigorous training under reflexology masters from Xiamen, China to be able to perform this correctly. They are in charge of screening, training and quality control of Foot Zone‘s local therapists. Aside from easing pain and pressure in the feet and legs, treatments also include massages for the head, arm and back.

The benefit of Xiamen-style foot reflexology is that when pressure is applied to specific points of the feet, it also corresponds to different internal organs, thus stimulation happens. When stimulated, blood circulation is vastly improved. This affects body organs like the kidney, heart, stomach, liver, brainstem, and colon. Improved blood circulation to these organs mean improved body performance and the release of toxins in the body.

However, to be able to enjoy its full benefits, one must undergo foot reflexology at least once a week.

In addition to its well-loved Xiamen-style foot reflexology, Foot Zone Makati also offers a variety of other wellness treats like body massage (Swedish or Shiatsu), foot scrub with foot massage (local and Chinese style), stone massage, ear candling with head massage, and ventosa.

While Foot Zone‘s signature service is Foot Reflexology, a lot of clients still prefer to have it with a Swedish body massage (with oil) or other services. They are offering these additional services to meet client preferences so they can get the most from their visit.

Since opening last year, Foot Zone Makati has slowly, yet consistently gained a good following, getting more new clients in addition to their loyal clients. As they prep for another successful year ahead, Foot Zone Makati has plans of further innovating its lineup of services and introducing enticing promos. Through these efforts they hope to be able to better educate more clients on the benefits of foot reflexology while enjoying it in a private and elegant setting.

This April, expect a lot of exciting to happen at Foot Zone Makati as it holds its anniversary celebration, which include a private Thanksgiving party where they will be joined by their industry partners and brand ambassadors.

Offering wellness solutions all-year round, expect Foot Zone Makati to continue treating its clients with the best massage and reflexology experience with each visit, enabling them to enjoy a better quality of life.

Book a body wellness massage now at #FootZoneMakati. We’re located at 3/f Sunshine Place, 56 Jupiter Street, Makati City. Call them at at 542-7709 for reservations.

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