Indonesian Flavors With Banana-Wrapped Char-Grilled Jasmine Rice At Red Ginger At City Of Dreams Manila

Southeast Asian restaurant Red Ginger at City of Dreams Manila offers authentic Indonesian “Nasi Bakar,” banana-wrapped char-grilled jasmine rice scented with chili and lemongrass with choice of delectable topping for July only.

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The unique aroma and smoky flavor of “Nasi Bakar” is served with a selection of Indonesian-style grilled or fried seafood or meat: Tumis Cumi Cabe Hijau (baby squid and sliced green chili), Tongkol Masak Pedas (spiced tuna, coconut, and turmeric), Pepes Jamur (oyster mushroom, crispy anchovies, and cherry tomatoes), Ayam Kemanggi (sweet basil chicken), and Iga Sapi Jawa Timur (aromatic east Javanese-style beef short ribs).Each serving comes with sambal bajak (spicy sambal sauce), twice-cooked tofu, and a house salad.

Tongkol Masak Pedas (spiced tuna, coconut, and turmeric).

“Nasi Bakar” is prepared by combining rice with herbs and spices, and wrappingit up in banana leaves for baking or grilling. There are many varieties of this dish as it can be made using a wide array of herbs and spices The most well-known version of this dish incorporates ingredients such as basil, lemongrass, and salam leaves (Indonesian bay leaves).

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