What’s Next For Kris Aquino? #TheKrisList

“What’s next for me?”

Queen of All Media Kris Aquino talks about her own personal list of new experiences, of meeting people, learning new things, and reconnecting with memories, looking at them with with fresh eyes at her new web series, “The Kris List”.

Launched last Mother’s day (May 14), the first 3 web episodes (webisodes) features Kris Aquino in her most authentic self and showcase her interests which are family, food, travel and people.

On the first webisode of The Kris List entitled Calligraphy, Kris tries her hand at calligraphy and discovers more about herself.

“I’m not a patient person but calligraphy thought me that if you want something to turn out beautiful, you have to give it time, you have to have patience, and you have to go with the flow of the strokes. Upward slightly then put more pressure going down, but always end on a high,” Kris said, explaining that that’s how we should think of life, that it’s important to give ourselves time to pause, time to connect, time to give separate entities of our life, separate moments and ye make it all flow together and come together but appreciating it as a whole.

On The Kris List Episode 2 entitled Camping, Kris Aquino and her son Bimby Yap had the best bonding day as they enjoyed each other’s company while camping in Caliraya, Lumban, Laguna.

Kris considers this episode as a very personal wish because it has something to do with how she feels about her sons.

“For me it (camping) was tough, but seeing my son smile made it all worth it,” Kris said.

Despite having failed relationships, Kris reveals it gave her something a lot more precious — her two sons. For Kris, what really matters is family. “And family is the time you give the ones you love,” Kris added.

The 3rd episode of The Kris List entitled Laing showcase Kris learning to cook the best authentic laing with world-renowned fashion designer and laing expert Avel Bacudio.

“Food is such a big par of my life, so it’s impossible to do The Kris List without me going into the kitchen,” Kris said.

Kris reveals that she love Bicolano dishes that’s why she wanted to learn how to make authentic “Bicolano Laing” from a true Bicolano, fashion designer Avel Bacudio.

Kris said while doing this episode, that it taught her that it’s important to take your time. And while cooking laing, she realized there is merit in doing things step by step, one at a time, and patiently waiting for all of i to come together.

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