Secret Signals Appointed As Regional Publicist For Silverstein

Secret Signals is very excited to announce that we have been appointed as regional publicist for post-hardcore pioneers, Silverstein. As appointed regional publicist, Secret Signals will take on all press, marketing and radio and video servicing responsibilities in Asia.

Throughout the course of their 17-year career, from Ontario basement shows to touring the world and selling over a million records, Silverstein has always managed to be completely comfortable in their own skin while never being afraid to challenge themselves. This perfect balance marks the band’s eighth full-length, an album that proves Silverstein still has plenty of fire left. The band has released the official music video for their songs “Ghost” and “Retrograde” from the album.

The band has shared a special message to their fans in Asia “We are delighted to present our 8th studio album, ‘Dead Reflection’. We hope our fans across Asia will enjoy the work we put into the album. It’s a deeply personal piece of work, with some of our most expansive writing to date. We know there are a lot of Silverstein fans across the region, and we plan to be touring there in 2018. In the meantime, check out our the album, write us on social media and continue supporting us like you always have. Thank you!”

Released on July 14th through Rise Records, ‘Dead Reflection’, is an album that couldn’t exist without everything that’s come before it, a culmination not just of Silverstein’s sonic growth, but also the personal journeys entangled in the band’s career. Longevity was never the objective, but that drive to deliver their absolute best, no matter what the cost, is exactly why the band remains at the top of their game after almost two decades. For Silverstein there is no settling, no stopping, and they give nothing less than everything.

Silverstein’s ‘Dead Reflection’ is available now:

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