Starcube: Gadget Gifts For The Modern Mom

It’s Mother’s Day once again and that mean it’s time to show your appreciation to the most special woman in your life. Fancy dinner? That’s a given. A treat-yourself day at the mall? Why not! If you’re looking for something different, though, these awesome gadgets can make her special for more than just a day.

With the Starcube Digital TV box (Php 1,290), Mom can now enjoy her favorite local shows even more thanks to crystal clear DTV technology. Comparable to Cable TV (but without the monthly subscription fee), simply connect Starcube to any TV and watch to your heart’s content without any additional. What’s more, Mom can record episodes for later viewing with the built-in recording feature.

Mothers are always in a rush whether they’re at home or on-the-go. For the latter, it’s best that they have the best mobile companions for their phones and tablets. Enter JUMPU mobile products cool accessories embody the best of Japanese design and manufacturing.  With its variety of colors, you can choose depending on her style or mood. Take your pick from any of the following options:

  • MICRO reversible cables in red, blue, green, and pink (Php 295) and space gray and gold (Php 350)
  • LITNIN lightning cables in red, blue, green, and pink (Php 350) and space gray and gold (Php 395)
  • DUAL series cables that support both micro USB or lightning outputs (Php 495)
  • SEHA 5-port charger with Qualcomm Quick Charge (Php 1,495)
  • SHUN 4-port charger with Qualcomm Quick Charge (Php 1,195)
  • DUO 10,000 mAh power banks with both micro and lightning cables (Php 995)
  • KLASIK 5,000 mAh (Php 495) and 10,000 mAh (Php 895) power banks that support micro and lightning outputs

Starcube and JUMPU products are available in many of your favorite tech and lifestyle retail stores. Learn more about Starcube by visiting or logging on to

For more information on JUMPU, check out, or


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