Filipino Electro-Rock Band STEREODEAL Releases Their Third Single, “New Jersey”

Stereodeal is a Filipino electro-rock band formed in the middle of 2008. The aim was to create music combining emotional resonance and dance floor nihilism in what was then a post-punk revival world; essentially a musical reality where anything is possible.

Their single, “New Jersey”, is a song which deals with loss, longing, and desperation as the song’s persona struggles with reconciling the feelings one has losing someone important, yet not having the chance to be closer to the departed character. With its rolling bass lines and drum beats, the song channels the contemplative movement one experiences during feelings off loss while moving about in a fast-paced world. The song was inspired by the death of Adrian Arcega‘s godmother (who gave him his first electric guitar) who lived in New Jersey, and how he tried to comprehend his feelings about losing someone so important but never in close proximity to.

The video, directed by Adrian Arcega, depicts depression, loneliness, and alienation in urban life; something that is prevalent in today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

You can listen to “New Jersey” here.

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