#SurviveTheLongWait with The New Snickers Oats

From tiring commutes, long lines, and moments where you wait for what seems like an eternity, you can’t help but wish for something to satisfy your hunger – because you’re not you when you’re hungry.

Snickers, one of the top chocolate brands in the Philippines, introduces its newest variant, Snickers Oats to satisfy your hunger and help you survive the long wait. The filling snack, made with peanuts, chewy caramel and oats, a slab of nougat and covered in chocolate, is Snickers’ latest product to help when hunger strikes.

“Whether it’s being stuck in traffic or in long lines, everyone knows what it’s like to experience waiting and feeling hungry,” says Pek Kuan Yee, Category Business Unit Director of Mars Developing Asia. “When you are stuck in these mundane moments, Snickers Oats is the perfect snack to fill you up longer, thanks to the addition of oats to the recipe.”

Host Sam YG

To launch their newest chocolate bar, Snickers Oats invited vlogger Wil Dasovich, radio DJ and host Aaron Atayde, and musicians Robin Nievera and Zia Quizon, those who have had more than their fair share of hunger striking during long waits. “As a vlogger, I have to wait several hours for my videos to render, but because I have to keep up with my uploading schedule, I don’t always have time to leave my place,” says Wil Dasovich. “Snickers Oats is the perfect snack to keep in handy to help me #SurviveTheLongWait.”

Wil Dasovich

Meanwhile, Aaron Atayde shares how Snickers Oats is the perfect pick-me-up during his hosting gigs. “I sometimes have very long on-set hours, but have to keep my energy up throughout the shoot,” he says. “Grabbing a bar of Snickers Oats instantly puts me in the right mood and mindset!”

Musicians Robin Nievera and Zia Quizon

Musicians and real-life couple Robin Nievera and Zia Quizon shared their own experiences of long waits. “My work takes me to different places every day, so I often have to sit through traffic,” Robin says. “My main worry is always when I’m going to eat, so having Snickers Oats with me during the trip makes it more bearable.” Zia, on the other hand, teased, “My long wait was Robin, and I’m glad that’s over!”

How do you you survive long periods of hunger? Share your videos on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #SurviveTheLongWait and get a chance to win weekly prizes from Snickers Oats. For more information on the Snickers Oats Longest Hunger Story Promo, log on to the Snickers Philippines Facebook page.

Snickers Oats is available in 40g individual bars for Php36, and in 220g Fun Size Packs for Php185, in select groceries and convenience stores nationwide.

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