Via Venetto: The Heart and Sole of Value

Elegance in design is a timeless value, and this is not lost on the modern and sensible Filipina. She is stylish, and has a knack for finding what is truly valuable in her every purchase.

Accordingly, when shopping for herself, she looks for something that not only lasts, but also highlights her inclinationtowards the tasteful and refined. After all, she has no time for things that offer a sense of false economy.

Inevitably, the choice for footwear leads her to Via Venetto. These exquisite pairs are produced by the artful hands of Marikina shoemakers, who have tirelessly and constantly upgraded their ability to craft and create close-to-perfect shoes. Durability and quality are integral to these “works of art executed on the world’s finest leather” that add another chapter to the legend that is the Marikina-made shoe.

These are but some of the reasons why Filipinas from different generations, backgrounds, and even preferences find their way to Via Venetto and return to it regardless of whatever else they have tried. Indeed, while there are more affordable options in the market, a simple price tag does not begin tell the entire story. Ultimately, because of their long-lasting craftsmanship, Via Venetto shoes always prove to be the more practical choice.

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