Now Available: Voltron Action Figures And Defender Gear

Spread the word! The Voltron Coaltion needs you!

It’s season 4 of Voltron, now screening on Netflix and also airing on TV5 (free TV). This time, friends and allies from across the universe must come together against Galra.

Black Lion (Basic Figure Non-Combinable Packaged)

Have you been following our paladins in the quest to defend the universe? Have you been practicing your battle moves and preparing strategies with your Voltron lions?

Legendary Yellow Lion (Packaged)

Now available in stores are fully-articulated 6-inch basic action figures (non-combinable) for great play experience and ‘ultimate poserbility!’ Also comes with instant action, squeeze Black Lion’s wings to make its arms move. Blue Lion jumps with a press of the button… Truly, action-packed.

For the maximum experience, collect the Legendary Lions that combine into Voltron. They’re available individually and as an entire set – so no need to wait in order to complete the force.

Voltron Defender Gear (Lifestyle)

Transform to Voltron yourself with the Defender Gear. ‘Form the head’ with the Voltron mask and swish your way to battle with the accompanying Invincible Blazing Sword.

All these are out in leading toy stores nationwide. So get them now, be a paladin and join the coalition!

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