Dell Honors Top Employees

While many opt to go after greener pastures for a quick buck, a lot still believe in loyalty. And in the IT landscape, the virtue of loyalty is alive and well. It is therefore not surprising that many people employed in this sector of society spend long careers with their respective companies. In Dell, for…

Epson Philippines Invites You To “Think Smart”

Epson Philippines Corporation (EPC) is inviting the public to “think smart” and share their ingenious tips for a chance to win exciting prizes. Epson recently launched the Think: TANK! contest through its Facebook Page. The contest invites Epson Facebook followers to submit Think: TANK! tips that focus on how to do things faster, easier, more…

Nokia: Smart and Innovative Smartphone Design

Smart and innovative smartphone design People are always after the latest and greatest technology that powers smartphones. Each year, millions of purchases are made to upgrade to the latest smartphones. However, technology is just a part of the reason that fuels the mobile crowd to upgrade their gadgets. Design is also and important factor. It

TDK x Child Haus: Gangnam Boom Style!

Gotta get that BOOM BOOM BOOM with Child Haus Gangnam style! TDK teaches us how to initiate an effective flash mob and at the same time bring happiness into the lives of people! To kick off 2013, TDK Philippines brought out and paraded all their boomboxes to make some noise and support the kids of…

Power Mac Center ‘Photography and Aperture Workshop’ By International Photographer Gunther Deichmann To Be Held In Subic

For digital photography and Apple enthusiasts, here is your chance to hone your skills. Power Mac Center brings back its well-loved adventure photography workshop conducted by no less than multi-awarded and internationally acclaimed Australian photographer and Apple Pro Trainer, Gunther Deichmann. A two-day workshop on basic photography and digital photo management using Apple