Crustasia Asian Bistro – A Taste Of Authentic Asian Seafood Cuisine!

Crustasia - Rockwell-Photo by Alex Dizon
We’ve been doing the RED CRAB SERIES for months now and last October 07’s stop over was at CRUSTASIA ASIAN BISTRO in Rockwell Power Plant Mall, Makati City.

I am always overwhelmed whenever we’re doing this food tour because Red Crab has always been given us the best accommodation and of course, the best food there is.

Crustasia - Rockwell
I love doing this Red Crab Series with my favorite Food Bloggers (Cathy Copaway, Nicely Rom, Edelweiza Mabalay, Mee-i Velasco and Alex Dizon) who are not just fun to eat with but because they make this food tour more exciting. Sadly, Enzo Luna and Flow Galindez missed this one and since Princess Irishell wont be joining us for I don’t know how long because of her work abroad, her sister Krizia Rueka Ballentes is representing her now. Also present is Cath’s ‘angel’ Abe Alhambra. Of course, this wont be possible without the help of Xhosa Kay Taganas-Deniega. There you go!

Anyways, back to Crustasia Asian Bistro….

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