“CARS 2” Racing Its Way To 3D Cinemas This August!

Cars 2

One of the technical advances that has emerged and been embraced in the world of entertainment since the release of the original “Cars” film in 2006 is 3D digital exhibition, and “Cars 2” is the third Pixar feature to utilize this popular format. This latest release from Disney Pixar (following “Up” and “Toy Story 3”) allows audiences to experience the fun and excitement of being at the races, immersing themselves in the film’s beautifully designed and meticulously rendered environments.

“I love 3D probably more than any other director,” says director John Lasseter. “I took my wedding pictures in 3D! Our short film ‘Knick Knack’ that we made in 1989 was made in 3D before there were any 3D theaters out there. And I always felt our medium of computer animation is perfectly matched to it.

“‘Cars 2’ – it’s really made with 3D in mind,” continues Lasseter. “And 3D for a Pixar film is not about all the coming-at-you stuff; it’s just about making the world that much more believable and immersive, like a window into that world. You get invested in it. And I think that when you see ‘Cars 2’ in 3D, there is so much thought put into the elements: Things are very reflective to make it very glitzy and glamorous and sexy and cool. But it’s also thought out, because the lighting adds a tremendous amount of depth in 3D. Wet streets, shiny cars, shiny buildings. It’s like, wow!”

Adds co-director Brad Lewis, “We’re really crafting the film to take advantage of the 3D medium. John has been so taken by the way 3D can enhance different types of films. On ‘Cars 2,’ our 3D stereoscopic supervisor Bob Whitehill has been working on a parallel track as the movie was being laid out, and everybody is ultimately thinking about what it could be in 3D. It used to be that 3D was something that happened at the end of our process, but it has become integrated. When we see something that we think would look phenomenal in 3D, we start exploring ways to move the camera to make it even better. It’s definitely in our eyepiece as we approach these films-3D can add depth and dimension and give the story a greater sense of drama.”

“Cars 2” will also be presented in IMAX

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