Dead Lines and Tattoo Designs Exhibit By Sarah Gaugler

deadlines poster
In Dead Lines and Tattoo Designs, Sarah Gaugler explores how the forces of beauty and death run parallel with each other.
She harnesses the symbolism of death as change, and beauty as life into her art.

Portraits and actual tattoo designs of otherworldly beings, that represent the people in her daily encounters, comprise this collection.
Dead Lines and Tattoo Designs is a journey into the mind of a woman-furious yet sublime.

Sarah Gaugler is also known as the vocalist of Turbo Goth, a celebrity and model, a brilliant visual artist and has distinguished herself as a tattoo artist.

Dead Lines and Tattoo Designs
An Exhibit Featuring the Art of Sarah Gaugler
and a PurpleTurtleAlien Production Night

Opening Night is on November 17, 2011/Thursday/8pm
With performances by Turbo Goth and more

saGuijo Cafe + Bar
7612 Guijo St., San Antonio Village
Makati City

+Recommended viewing hours are 9pm onwards, except Monday
++Exhibit runs until November 23, 2011

Here are sample of Sarah Gaugler’s sample artworks:

Gaugler 6

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