Diana Stalder Celebrates 15th Year With A SPArty!

Last October 22, 2011, Diana Stalder had a SPArty at their Dermaline Magallanes branch at Gateway Center, Paseo de Magallanes. It was an afternoon of relaxation and pampering for some beauty and wellness bloggers. It was a very intimate gathering, with not more than 15 bloggers in attendance, held as part of Diana Stalder’s 15th year anniversary celebration.

 Upon arrival, the event’s official photographer asked each guest for a photo. The staff then explained that each of us had four facial treatment options to choose from. When I arrived, some of the early guests were already getting their facial treatments. The staff assisted me to the waiting lounge where I could hang around while waiting for my turn and where refreshments were available. The setup of the lounge was lovely. A table for food and drinks was at one side, there were couch seats for everyone, and the most charming detail for meâ€-there were scattered rose petals at different areas of the room.

Photo courtesy of Diana Stalder
 Our four facial treatment options were the following: 1) Absolute RT4 Retinol (Wrinkle Prevention) 2) Shinestop (Oil Control) 3) Regenerin (Botox Alternative) and 4) Re6tense (Skin Reaffirming). All these included the usual cleaning and pricking during a regular facial session but each differed in the Casmara mask that is used. In a short interview I did with Diana Stalder’s Operations Manager, Ms. Irene Rosales, she shared that they are the sole carrier of the Casmara skin care line in the country. It is from Spain and includes a whole variety of face and body treatments to address different skin types. You can find out more about the Casmara line in this video:

I chose the Absolute RT4 Retinol (Wrinkle Prevention) option as recommended by my derma technician. The Casmara mask used on me was the NOVAnew Mask 2045. I loved it! I am used to getting facial treatments but this experience was new to me. The mask was the highlight of the session. What surprised me most was that it was so thick and cool and the paste was applied all over my faceâ€-eyes and mouth included. The mask was peeled off after 15 minutes and I felt extremely refreshed.

I am quite certain all of us left the sparty feeling very relaxed and pampered. They even gave us little gift packs which contain some of their products to try for ourselves. I’m glad I got to cover this beauty event for Orange Magazine TV and experience one of Diana Stalder’s high-quality treatments. Thank you to the accommodating staff of Diana Stalder and congratulations on the event. Happy 15th year anniversary!

Diana Stalder Face and Body Skin Care Center by Dermaline, Inc. is the Philippine’s pioneer in skin care and wellness since 1996. A member of the Swisse-Phil Holdings Corporation, Diana Stalder has 21 corporate and franchise branches nationwide. Diana Stalder offers a combination of best skin care practices and new product discoveries that caters to sophisticated needs of today’s skin care market. – Diana Stalder Company Profile

To know more about Diana Stalder, their services, and products, you may visit their website http://www.swisse-phil.com/dianastalder/index.php/home.

You may also “like” them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/dianastalderbydermaline  and follow them on Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/Diana_Stalder   to get updates on their latest promos.


Orange Magazine TV correspondent Karla Avila is an Interior Design student of the University of the Philippines and blogs at  Kid at Heart  (http://karlaavila.tumblr.com/).

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