Great DOLE Cook-Off! Bloggers Invitation (Updated!)

Hey there! Get ready for a culinary throwdown of mouth-watering proportions! We need 20 BLOGGERS interested to cover the GREAT DOLE COOK-OFF! happening this August 26th, Friday at 6PM.

Chosen bloggers will be contacted thru SMS and is required to post a comment here to confirm. Thanks.

Great DOLE Cook-Off
Here are the 20 Bloggers chosen to cover the event:

Arvin Ello
Karen G Tuazon
Aileen Vedad
Orlee Pasion
Marco Dennis Esplana
Jenny Roxas
Richard Mamuyac
Myk Rome
Rod Magaru
Patricia Venci
Josephine Bonsol
Ethan Jamelle Geronimo
Jinkee Umali
Marjorie Pineda
Edelweiza Mabalay
Florencio Jusay
Ruth Floresca
Jude Ng
Nicely Rom
Marco Polo Demo (Recently added)
Jamie Kim Escio

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