I Love Christmas At Enchanted Kingdom!

November 26 is another memorable day for me. A week before that, I received an invitation from Orange Magazine TV to cover the event and press conference of “I Love Christmas at Enchanted Kingdom“. I was quite hesitant due to prior commitments but I was hoping it will still fit my schedule.

With three more bloggers joining me that day, I was excited yet anxious that I might be forced to try EK rides and attractions I’m not used to. Yes, it was my first time at Enchanted Kingdom. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a home buddy who hates adventure.

After the press conference, we joined the parade and started our way to exciting rides. Our first stop is the Flying Fiesta. At first I was scared and wanted to go down and just watch them but I realized it’s a chance for me to conquer my fear of heights so I remain seated and calm. When it started to go up and move around, just like the others, I was also screaming and shouting to overcome the nausea.

I saw my fellow bloggers enjoying the flying fiesta. Others spread their arms and feel like flying, yes I did it too! After two minutes we finished the ride, we wanted more but we opted to check other attractions and saw the Wheel of Fate.

After the Flying Fiesta, we immediately follow the long queue for the Wheel of Fate. I love it, I was able to take photos from above while enjoying the ride and the overlooking

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