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Engaging, emotional, and intense. The movie Warrior is about two estranged brothers brought apart by family’s tragic past and is bound together by their desire to win the grandest Mixed Martial Arts tournament.

Director Gavin O’Connor must have a gift for handling classic emotionally driven movies to make this story absolutely powerful. Although the film has a very cliché format of two brothers fighting with each other, it surely hit the soft spot and ended with a right kick in the story set in the brutal word of MMA.

A mysterious ex-marine Tom Conlon went back to his hometown after fourteen years of being bitterly isolated from his family. He enlisted his recovered alcoholic father, Paddy, as his trainer before fighting for the biggest prize in the history of MMA. While Tom gets popular, his brother Brendan, a physics teacher and former MMA fighter, is also separately training for the tournament.

The two brothers later came victorious in their every battle with their totally different styles and motivations. As the brothers, rose to face each other in the final stage, they must finally confront the past that put them apart as brothers and remind themselves of what they are really fighting.

Warrior received a good review from critics and also from the fans and players of mixed martial arts. The performances of the lead actors were superb and the fight scenes look really authentic that even the ones who are not familiar with martial arts will surely appreciate the movie.

Joel Edgerton led the cast of Warrior as Brendan. Across him is Tom Hardy who portrayed the character of Tommy and their father, Paddy, is played by the two time Academy Award nominee Nick Nolte. The cast also includes the gorgeous Jennifer Morrison as Brendan’s wife; Frank Grillo as Frank Campana, Brendan’s coach; and Kevin Dunn as the school principal Zito, among others.

As one of the lucky Bloggers who enjoyed the advance screening of Warrior in Podium Cinema 1 last September 26, the movie really put me at the edge of my seat and felt how the drama touched the heart of the people inside the cinema.

This will absolutely make Filipinos appreciate Mixed Martial Art as a not-yet-mainstream form of sport. In my own experience, despite its violence and brutality, this movie only made MMA more human.


The premier night is made possible by Global Destiny, SM Cinema, Viva International, Burger King, and Sundance Fashion Exchange. The event is also graced by guests from Filipino Mixed Martial Artists of Ultimate Reality Combat Championship (URCC).


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