One Hot Training Day With The Philippine Volcanoes Rugby Team!

The Philippine Volcanoes Rugby Team
Orange Magazine TV was given the opportunity to cover and interview one of the ‘hottest’ and ‘controversial’ sports men today (move over The Philippine Azkals!) — Philippines National Rugby Union Team, nicknamed the “Philippine Volcanoes” yesterday at the British School Manila in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig.

Although the Philippine Volcanoes Rugby Team sounds new to most of us because it wasn’t a popular sports in the Philippines, these Rugby Team has been around since its inception in 2008. They have already represented the Philippines in international rugby union. The Philippine Volcanoes have yet to make their debut at the Rugby World Cup, but have been playing in the Asian 5 Nations tournaments. Currently they are in Division I.

Now that Pinoys has been obsessed to new sports being introduced to the country, and the fact that our unrecognized athletes are doing good abroad, it seems all eyes are now at Philippine Volcanoes Rugby Team after the Philippine Azkals got hyped because of their good looks and being half-Filipinos.

To be honest, I’ve only know this Rugby Team because of their controversial billboard ads for Bench‘s undergarment campaign. Some ‘conservatives’ asked the billboard pulled down because according to them, it is lewd or indecent.

Check out this photos and behind the scene footage from their Bench Ads as seen before along Guadalupe EDSA bridge and see for yourself if it is indeed controversial:

Bench ADS 1Bench ADS 2
Anyways, the team was training hard three (3) times a day because they are competing for the Rugby World Cup starting September 09, 2011. And I managed to cover their 2nd training for the day which is 10am-12nn. Their other schedules are 6am-8am and 6pm-8pm. They are also doing their training in different fields.

Philippine Volcanoes Rugby Team - Training 01
When I arrived at the football field, the team are already busy practicing. All sweat and focused. I can see their dedication for this game because they never rest a bit during practice. And even though the news channels (ABS-CBN 2, GMA 7 and TV5) and Blogger Antonio Magno Carranza and I were there, their attention was on their practice all through out.

Philippine Volcanoes Rugby Team - Training 02
Philippine Volcanoes Rugby Team - Training 04
I had fun taking photos of the team because I always wanted to take action pictures. Although I managed to get some decent photos, I can do better if I am using a much professional camera. But I am still happy with my GE X5 and I’ve been using this for almost a year now.

The team’s head coach Matt Cullen gave us 15-minutes to interview the guys after the training. And that’s where the fun part starts. They were supposed to change already but when question was raised if they will be interviewed without their shirts on, the team was sports enough to oblige. Just like what Sports Unlimited host Dyan Castillejo-Garcia, the team being half-naked is good for their show’s viewers.

And since most of them are well-built, they aren’t shy about it but instead of boasting about it, they goof around like kids. And that what makes me appreciate them more. They loosen up after practice and was even the first to interact with us. Though it was hot that day because it was almost noon, and the training was rigid and tough, they are all smiles and welcomes all questions thrown at them.

I felt at ease talking with them because they are approachable, pleasant to talk with and very humble despite the popularity they are getting these days. And here are some sample of their cuteness while goofing around and having fun while we’re videoing them:4

And they even sang The Philippine National Anthem (Hahahahaha):

 How cute is that?

I would like to specifically thank Andrew Wolf, Justin Coveney, Chris Everingham, Harry Morris, Kenneth Stern and Oliver Saunders for this video messages dedicated for all our Orange Magazine TV readers and for their fans:

Good luck with The Philippine Volcanoes Rugby Team! And may you bring more honor for our country with your passion for these kind of sport!
Philippine Volcanoes Rugby Team - Oliver Saunders

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