Standout Dishes From Junior Master Chef Philippines Now Available At Pancake House!

If there is one cooking show in the Philippines that I like the most is ABS-CBN’s top-rating “Junior Master Chef Pinoy Editon” mainly because the kids in that show are just kitchen geniuses!

Watching them episode by episode and still I am still in awe with the the Kiddie Cooks talents in cooking. Undeniably, they have really gone a long way. After impressing the cooking competition’s judges, these young aspiring chefs now have their standout dishes served at one of the country’s most trusted restaurants, Pancake House. Beat that!

Here are some information about the Junior Master Chef’s Pinoy Edition dishes now being served at Pancake House:

Appetizer - Cabbage Lumpia in Coconut Breading
Begin the Junior Master Chef (JMC) meal right with a healthy plate of Cabbage Lumpia in Coconut Breading. For a crispier lumpia, the cabbage is filled with a perfectly toasted breading.

Main Course - Fish Burger with Malunggay Sauce & Caramelized Ginger with Brown Rice Pilaf
The kiddie cooks also offer a healthy yet big in serving main course. The Fish Burger served on top of Brown Rice Pilaf with malunggay sauce and caramelized ginger is really something that must be shared with a health-conscious friend.

Rice in Ampalaya Silog
Porksilog Steak
Tofu Eggplant Salad
For those who’d like to venture on something unconventional ala Junior Master Chef, try the Rice in Amapalaya Silog and Porksilog Steak, which is truly Filipino inspired. The Tofu Eggplant Salad also completes everyone’s veggie experience.

BBQ Baby Back Ribs served with warm BAcon Potato Salad and Corn on the cob
JMC also prepared a fully loaded meal for people who are always on the go, through the Baby Back Ribs served with Warm Bacon Potato Salad and Corn on the Cob.

Throughout the season, more dishes inspired by Junior Master Chef will be served by Pancake House, a licensee of ABS-CBN Licensing (representing Shine International, which owns the global Master Chef franchise).

Dine in now at Pancake House and enjoy the culinary masterpieces of the talented kiddie cooks!

“Junior Master Chef” Pinoy Edition is hosted by Judy Ann Santos with Chef Lau, Chef Ferns, and Chef Jayps. Airs Saturdays (after “Wansapanataym”) and Sundays (after “Goin’ Bulilit”) on ABS-CBN.

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