PONY FOOTWEAR says it’s time to Show Off!

PONY Show Off

PONY Show Off!

The challenge has been posed and many have answered. Numerous entries from various designers and aspiring digital video makers have been submitted to Pony Footwear’s digital video and poster art competition billed “Show Off.” Visionaries and cutting edge designers were asked to interpret Pony Footwear‘s tagline, “Let’s Get It On,” using images, digital design, creative videos and a short narrative.

Over 200 Poster Art entries were submitted, showcasing the wealth of local talent in illustration, digital design, conceptual execution and photography. There were also original entries for the 60-second Digi-Film category, which took Pinoy artistry and creativity to greater heights. Most of the entries submitted truly captured the spirit and character of the brand, which also an important consideration during the judging.

Pony, of course, is an American brand of footwear and apparel, founded in Brooklyn, New York in 1972. Pony has since become a top global athletic brand and, by the ’80s. By this time, the brand had been worn by champion athletes in the World Cup, Super Bowl, NBA and the likes.

A 2001 re-launch of the brand, entertainment celebrities have begun association with the brand. By 2002-2003, Pony clothing and footwear became associated with rebel rockers and artists like Snoop Dogg, Staind, Limp Bizkit and Korn-whose lead singer, Jonathan Davis, even had his own signature Pony shoes that he wore during live performances.

With its rebel streak and fiercely unique character, Pony espouses individuality, freedom of expression and living up to one’s potential, the very ideals at the core of the Pony “Show Off” competition. All entries submitted before the closing of the competition, which was extended to October 22, 2011, were all posted on Pony’s Facebook fan page.   Just as the contest was open to everyone, voting was likewise open to the public. The online votes, which are made up of the number of “Likes” on Facebook, would make up 20% of the total score for each entry. The other 80% will comprise of judges’ scores, which is made up of 50% for the concept and story and 30% for visual impact.

The winners of the Pony Footwear “Show Off” digital film and poster art competition will be revealed and awarded this Sunday, Dec. 11, at 55 Events Place, Sct. Rallos St., Timog Quezon City . The best part is that each winner of the Digi-Film and Poster Art categories will receive the following: First prize is P40,000 cash plus P10,000 worth of Pony shoes; Second prize is P20,000 cash and P5,000 worth of Pony shoes; and Third price is P10,000 cash and P5,000 worth of Pony shoes. The event will be hosted by UP film professor/TV personality/Actor/Radio Host, Ramon Bautista with special guest, BAMBOO, Champ Lui Pio, Kitchie Nadal and Wolfgang.

So sound the alarm and round up the posse for the Pony Footwear “Show Off” Digi-Film and Poster Art competition awards night. For those who joined, see if your showing off has hit pay dirt. As Pony would say: “Let’s Get It On!”

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