Welcome To The New And Improved Fersal Hotel – Filipino Hospitality Made Even Better!

I first heard about Fersal Hotel when we checked-in at one of their branch at Malakas Street in Quezon City for our company brain-storming last 2005. Although I don’t have any fond memories of my stay there because it’s all work, but I don’t remember having any complaints or bad experiences with their services.

All I know is that it’s accessible in our office, it has so many branches and it’s cheaper because we managed to stay there for like 3 days and we’re even a group of 10!

Last November 10, selected bloggers were given the opportunity to take a peak at the newly improved hotel in one of their branch at Neptune Street, Makati City (near A. Venue Makati) courtesy of a good friend, Ms. Nica Serrano.

This excites me because as a blogger, I like trying new hotels and I’m on the look-out for budget-friendly hotels.

Here’s some information I found out about the new Fersal Hotel:

Known for providing its guests with “the comforts of home in the heart of the city,” the Fersal group of hotels has been the hallmark for Filipino hospitality ever since the very first Fersal Tourist Inn in Annapolis, Cubao began operations in 1994.

With its emphasis on comfort, affordable rates and personalized service, it is not surprising to see the Fersal Tourist Inn grow to six locations all over Metro Manila. As balikbayans, travelers, families and businesspeople found out for themselves, staying at Fersal provided them with a lot of value for money.

“The Fersal Tourist Inns were originally marketed as apartelle types that guests found appealing and acceptable,” recalls Jean Salonga Fernando, Vice President – Sales and Marketing Operations of the Fersal Group. “Fersal’s enduring popularity over the years can be attributed to its decent, homey and family-oriented image.”

By 2005, the Fersal Hotel Group that visionary couple Jesus and Elizabeth Fernando of property development and management firm, FERSAL International Corporation began in 1987, saw the need to re-envision the boutique hotel experience and introduced Hotel Elizabeth, a sister brand of Fersal Tourist Inn.

Hotel Elizabeth Baguio
Hotel Elizabeth Baguio

Hotel Elizabeth Cebu
Hotel Elizabeth Cebu
Designed with a Mediterranean theme by no less than famed interior designer and multimedia personality Tessa Prieto Valdes, Hotel Elizabeth Baguio was and is still the only boutique hotel to offer 5-star service and accommodations at 3-star rates.

With suite and penthouse rooms, breathtaking landscapes and vibrant decors as well as amenities like the Santorini Ballroom, the Flora Café, the Spa and Gym, the Hotel has been a local favorite for conferences, weddings and other functions. It was the go-to place for accommodations in the Summer Capital of the Philippines. Not surprisingly, Hotel Elizabeth Baguio went on to win Baguio’s Hotel of the Year for three consecutive years and by 2010, a second and bigger Hotel Elizabeth opened in Cebu.

A stone’s throw away from Ayala Center Cebu, the 11-storey, 131-room hotel has also become a favorite for business travelers, conferences and functions. Its Flora Café and Piano bar is currently a sought after venue for meetings and coffee breaks, providing delicious buffet and a la carte service at an eclectic setting.

Hotel Elizabeth in Baguio and Cebu both delivered what its tagline promised. Each hotel was and remains “An Experience on its Own.”

Not to be left behind, the Fersal Hotel Group also saw the need to upgrade Fersal Tourist Inn’s standards and add more value for money for its guests. By 2007, it was ready for a major facelift.

“Along with upgrading our facilities and adding new features like complimentary breakfast and complimentary WiFi, we decided to rename and rebrand the Fersal Tourist Inn to Fersal Hotel to reflect the upgrades,” Fernando further states. “Further renovation plans started last year and we decided to change Fersal’s look to reflect today’s hotel standards.”

Even as Fersal Hotel exudes a more trendy and contemporary ambiance with new features like better air-conditioning units, LCD TVs and coffee and tea facilities in every room, hotel quality mattresses, WiFi access, and a lot more, what remains unchanged and uncompromised is its trademark homey feel that also offers plenty of value for money.

“We invite everyone to come and experience the new Fersal Hotels for themselves. Then as it is now, the comforts of home in the heart of the city is still what staying at Fersal is all about,” Fernando concludes.

Check out the different branches of Fersal Hotel below:

Fersal Hotel in Andalucia, Manila:
Fersal Manila - DeluxeFersal Manila - Junior SuiteFersal Manila - Junior Suite single
Fersal Manila - Lobby
Fersal Manila - Lobby  Inn Cafe
Fersal Hotel in Annapolis:
Fersal Annapolis - Facade (edited)
Fersal Annapolis - LobbyFersal Annapolis - Deluxe Room
Fersal Hotel in Kalayaan:
Fersal Kalayaan - DeluxeFersal Kalayaan - Inn Cafe 5
Fersal Kalayaan - Lobby
Fersal Hotel in Neptune, Makati City:
Fersal Makati - FacadeFersal Makati - LobbyFersal Makati - PremiumFersal Makati Premuim 1Fersal Makati - Reception
Fersal Makati - dlt 4
Fersal Hotel in Malakas, Diliman:
Fersal Diliman - DeluxeFersal Diliman - Executive SuitesFersal Diliman - Inn CafeFersal Diliman - Julia HallFersal Diliman - Lobby
Fersal Hotel in P. Tuazon:
Fersal P Tuazon - Deluxe
Fersal P Tuazon - Deluxe 2
Fersal P Tuazon - Executive Suite
Fersal P Tuazon - Family Suite 1
Fersal P Tuazon - Family Suite 2
Fersal P Tuazon - Inn Cafe

For Fersal Hotel’s room rates and other infos, check below:

tariff - andalucia

tariff - annapolis
tariff - kalayaan
tariff - malakas
tariff - neptune
tariff - p. tuazon

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