Jed Madela ‘Breath Again’ With New Original Music

Jed Madela

World Champion JED MADELA is one of the few singers in the Philippines that can really moved you because of his powerful voice.

Jed Madela has already sold thousands of records reviving some of the most memorable ballads in his previous albums like “Song Rediscovered,” “Songs Rediscovered 2,” “Only Human,” and “The Classics Album” aside from sold-out concerts here and abroad.

Although I am not complaining that most of his songs are all covers/revivals (because he actually keeps me in awe just watching/listening to his songs), I still remember asking him before in his previous album launch if he had plans of releasing original songs in the future. And he said, he would love to and promised that he will soon release one in the future.

And now, Jed Madela is all set to fulfill his promise of recording new songs in his seventh album entitled “Breathe Again.”

“I am keeping my word, promise,” says Jed of his newest album. “It took some time because I really want to give you something exceptional and incomparable.”

I actually had the opportunity to listen to some of his tracks and I am excited with his new music.

The new album, according to his record label Universal Records, will include beautifully-written ORIGINAL SONGS, which will again exhibit Jed Madela’s versatility and range as a vocalist.

To Jed Madela, I am happy you’re finally coming out with an all-original album. It’s about time. And I wish you success with your new album. Can’t wait to hear the rest of your new music.

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