Axe Girls Apologizes To ‘Boy’s Night Out’ For Their Censored ‘Axe Anarchy’ TVC

Recently, Axe Philippines launches their newest product “Axe Anarchy For Men and For Women” with a very graphic television commercial (TVC). But since, the Philippines has a way of spoiling the fun (thanks to MTRCB), it was edited to fit the “Pinoy” standard.

Here’s the edited video as seen in the Philippines:

And here’s the complete video (thanks to Youtube!):

Axe wanted to make it up to the DJ’s of Boys Night Out (Sam YG, Tony Toni Toni, Slick Rick, and Ramon Bautista) after leaving them ‘bitin‘ with their censored TVC. As the perfect apology, Axe Girls were sent to the BNO boys, ready to give them one hell of a massage.

Tune in to Orange Magazine TV to know more on AXE newest product…. and of course, the AXE Girls!

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