Fabulous Magazine Releases Six Covers For One Direction!

One Direction —  Niall HoranHarry StylesLiam PayneLouis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik — is definitely dominating the world with their charm and catchy pop tunes. And this month, the phenomenal teen popstars chatted with Britain’s biggest  glossy “Fabulous” about girls, friends and more.

Here’s One Direction’s interview with Fabulous:

Harry on being attracted to older women: “It’s really not [my preferred preference]. I think it’s just been a coincidence. I don’t necessarily just look at women who are olde. I like girls my own age as well. Obviously, my last relationship was well-documented and I think it kind of made it out to be only older women who I liked. But I don’t base things on age. It completely depends on the person.”

Liam on Louis: “I’m kind of like Louis’ sounding board not. If he’s ever gonna do anything random, he’ll ask me if she should do it. And I’m like ‘Yea, go on.’ So it’s often my choice of I’ll tell him to do things. So somethings it’s me and people don’t even know.”

Louis on spending time girlfriend Eleanor Calder: “We’ll be away for a lot of next year, but for Eleanor, it’s kind of good because she needs to get her head down at uni. It’s good that I’m not distracting her. But when she has time off from uni she can fly out to wherever we are and when I’;m back I’ll stay with her in Manchester where she goes to university.”

Niall on the girl he would date: “Cute, nice eyes, nice smile and carefree, like me. Someone I can have fun with and I know this sounds stupid, but someone you can hold a conversation with on a first date. It’s not the easiest thing to do if you’re having dinner just looking at each other across the table, fiddling with your spaghetti.”

Zayn on meeting girlfriend Perrie Edwards of Little Mix: “It was literally just texting her as a mate and stuff and she was asking me for advice because obviously they’re doing the same thing that we were doing a year or so ago. And so it started off like that and obviously she’s a very attractive girl…We’re both northern too, and I think that helps.

You can read the full article here.

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