Friendster Officially Launches As Southeast Asia

Pioneering social networking site, Friendster (bult in 2002) is the reason why I turned into a blogger. With their online journal feature, I post there all my rants and daily activities. It was really like a diary for me except it was exposed for everyone to see. I hated the idea before but when comments started flowing in, I enjoyed reading it and eventually continued “blogging” about my everyday experiences.

Then came another social networking site which eventually became a bigger craze to date. Although I never really abandoned Friendster, I was no longer active there because it became too “masa” especially when the so-called jologs started using it. But when Friendster was reported to be closing down or will be having some major face-lift, I regret not pulling out all my photos there and my online journal.

Fast forward to 2012, Friendster officially announces its redesign as a social discovery and gaming platform that offers users a unique experience which combines search, content discovery and social functionality.

Orange Magazine TV was there to witness the new changes as they launched it at M Cafe in Ayala, Makati last April 25 hosted by Ashley Gosiengfiao (the equally famous sister of Filipino CosPlayer Alodia Gosiengfiao).


In line with the brand promise, Friendster will host advanced ways of searching, engaging and making new friends, and distinct approach to discover new games. The new user interface provides excellent user experience while discovering new games of multiple genres and exciting new concepts to earn rewards. To celebrate its official launch as Southeast Asia

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