Summer Is Here! Get Maximum Fun with Beach Hut!

Everybody love summer and some of us wants to have that perfect tan BUT never the sun burn!

It’s officially summer now. It’s the time when we have another excuse to stage a feast, another reason to join in the festivities, and more time to go out and have crazy fun. But more than that, summer is not summer without hitting the beach.

It doesn’t matter if it’s well-planned or just spontaneous. The important thing is that there should be nothing getting in the way of your summer fun. That includes the protection you need from the increasingly harsh sun.

Beach Hut Sunblock is undeniably about unlimited fun under the sun. It is the first brand in the Philippines to introduce a wide range of sun protection products that give a no- mess, non-sticky, non-oily feel that not a lot of other sunblocks can give.

Beach Hut also offers a complete line of maximum sun care protection: from SPF 4 to 100++. Each feature an advanced sun care technology so your skin is protected

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