Apologizes To Lea Salonga, Anne Curtis

Last night, published a story that headlines, “Lea Salonga disses Anne Curtis’ ‘singing’” to which Lea Salonga reacted “I don’t know why TV5 drew that conclusion. But an assumption was made. There you go.”

Orange Magazine TV was there at the press conference held last night (February 11) for Lea Salonga’s upcoming project for TV5 and to be fair with Lea Salonga, it is true that she did not directly attack on Anne Curtis‘s singing but rather talked about off-key singers in general. You can read my separate blog post about Lea Salonga’s interview that was taken out of context by TV5 here.

This morning, deleted the said article and issued an apologyto Lea Salonga and Anne Curtis. Here’s a screen cap of said published story:

I commend InterAksyon for owning up to their mistake, for clearing the issue and for posting a new article, “ was out of tune, apologizes to Lea Salonga, Anne Curtis.”

Here’s what sent to Orange Magazine TV regarding the issue:

About the InterAksyon article last night, editor-in-chief Roby Alampay just acknowledged that the published story didn’t provide the full context for Ms Lea’s statements and apologized in behalf of the portal. Please see full statement:

“, the online news portal of TV5, on Sunday acknowledged that a published story that purportedly had Lea Salonga “dissing” Anne Curtis did not provide the full context for Ms. Salonga’s statements to the media a day earlier. 

“We apologize to both Ms. Salonga and Ms. Curtis,” editor-in-chief Roby Alampay said. “After a review of the full transcript of the interview in question, it is clear to us that Ms. Salonga did not ‘diss’  Ms. Curtis, and was in fact going to great lengths to give her fellow entertainer respect and props.” 

Ms. Salonga was prompted to respond to questions about “out-of-tune” singers and then about Ms. Curtis. She was candid in her response about bad singers, but clearly made statements in the context of being an artist protective of her craft. 

Of Ms. Curtis, Ms. Salonga offered congratulations and well-wishes, even as she acknowledged that even Ms. Curtis knows what she is and is not.”

You can read the FULL transcript of Lea Salonga’s interview here.

Anne Curtis, on the other hand, keeps mum about the issue and has so far not yet released any statement about the issue.

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