It’s M6 Versus The Housemates In “Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited” This Week!

Things just got nastier and more exciting in “Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited” with the entry of M6, or the six former housemates tasked to bring out the current season’s housemates’ true colors and to help the public decide on who deserves to be the program’s Big Winner.

After Big Brother openly expressed his dissatisfaction with the housemates who seem undetermined to enter the Big Four, he sought help from the M6 housemates who are known to have assertive personalities. Franzen Fajardo, Baron Geisler, Beauty Gonzalez, Rica Paras, and “PBB Unlimited” evictees Kigoy Abarico and Luz McClinton are expected to spice things up inside the house and test the current housemates.

It was only a matter of time before Paco Evangelista was able to successfully infuriate some of the housemates to fulfill his task as a house player. Viewers even favored his performance, as determined by last week’s overnight voting that revealed they still wanted him to stay in the house.

Meanwhile, this week’s nominees for eviction are Divine Maitland Smith, Kevin Fowler, and Seiichi Ushimi, who received the most number of votes from the housemates who thought the three were pretentious.

Deniesse, on the other hand, was granted a forced eviction and got kicked out of the house last Saturday (February 25) for asking Melai Canteveros of the public’s perception of her and for whispering to Divine, both of which are grave violations of Big Brother’s house rules.

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