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In my college years, Side-A has become a part of my “love life” especially when they released a 2-track cassette back in 1995. The song “Forevermore” become the theme song of my then girlfriend. Forevermore is in fact, the sweetest OPM ever. The lyrics and the melody are just perfect. But just like their other track, the B-Side “Tell Me” (a Joey Albert original), however becomes our break-up song.

Looking back, even up to this day, every time I hear those songs, it brings back sweet and bitter memories. And ‘Forevermore‘ becomes such a classic hit because not only it became a favorite in wedding ceremonies, but it was given a new take when international singer David Archuleta did a cover of Forevermore and even used it as the title to his Philippine-released album.

Some of my all-time favorite Side-A tracks includes “Hold On,” “Set You Free,” “So Many Questions,” “Let The Pain Remain,” “I Will Always Stay (This Way In Love With You),” and “Tuloy Pa Rin.” The song “Hold On” actually makes me weep every time I sing that song in my emote-days. Anyone who is a hopeless romantic like me can easily relate to their lyrics.

But Side-A isn’t the reason why this post is made. I was just giving out reference to why Side A made a big impact to my love life way back. And even if I am loveless now, I still love listening to their music. Those are the songs that really hit your heart and soul.

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