Luke Mejares New Album ‘Kasayaw’ Available In Stores Under Ivory Music!

It is the last quarter of year 2012 and just when we thought we’ve heard what the local music scene can offer for the year, here comes the Philippines’ King of R&B LUKE MEJARES armed and fabulously equipped with what could be the sound that will set another trend in OPM.

Luke’s new album “Kasayaw,” is a collection of Luke Mejares’ renditions of dance hits from the past two decades by some of the country’s well-known and most respected singers. Just another revivals-album? Not really. The package indeed offers a lot more as the songs are re-arranged with infectious house beats that will surely bring the listeners to a whole new dimension of dance music, a new form of sound that Luke has since been wanting to do.

The songs are produced by Bimbo Yance, more popularly known as the bassist of the band True Faith, and here showing a different side of him through collaborating with Luke Mejares in the album. The tandem has been working together over the last two years and their efforts have definitely paid off with the album finally hitting the record stores soon and will be released under Luke Mejares’ new record label, Ivory Music and Video.

Kasayaw” opens with the album title track, a hit by Archie D in the ’80s era. Luke Mejares has personally communicated with Archie D who is now based in the US to ask permission to re-record the song, and he gladly approved of it. Same thing as with the other songs, all the original artists who sang them instantly gave Luke Mejares the blessings to do his new versions. There’s “Babaero” by Randy Santiago; “Macho Gwapito” by Rico J. Puno; “Iyong Iyo” by Ogie Alcasid and “Magsayawan” by VST and Company among others.

It has been almost five years since Luke Mejares’ last album “Pangako,” his second under Sony Music following his debut solo release “Stop Luke Listen” in 2004. Both albums have earned him countless accolades in the music industry including Male R&B Artist of the Year in the first Philippine Hip-Hop Awards in 2005; Best R&B Male Artist in the Radio Music Awards in 2009; nomination in the 2005 Awit Awards for Best Performance by a New Male Recording Artist. Not to mention, his stint with his original band South Border has paved the way to stardom.

With “Kasayaw,” Luke Mejares is again at the top of his game. We may not hear his trademark ballads and falsettos this time, instead stomping and pounding beats will stick to our heads upon listening to the album. This only goes to show Luke’s versatility as an artist.

“I have been working so hard for the last two years to come out with this concept album and I hope people will like it as much as I do. My fans have been used to my music that moves and touches their hearts. With “Kasayaw,” I hope they will be moved once again, this time from their seats to the dance floors,” Luke Mejares exclaims.

Kasayaw” will be released in October 31, 2012 under Ivory Music and Video, the exclusive distributor of Sony Music products in the Philippines.

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