MaxVit By Revicon Revitalizes Its Identity – and Filipino Marriages

Max by Revicon, a multivitamin from Unilab formulated for married men has changed its brand name and was launched among the press, media and bloggers last November 28. Revicon Max is now called MaxVit, powered with the same potent Max formula – with Ginseng and Royal Jelly – that gives the energy to keep the romance burning.

Along with the change in identity follows a modification in the brand’s packaging. From red, the new brand’s dominant color is now a smooth combination of black and blue – for a fresher, more premium look that is undeniably masculine. According to Carlo Fermin, MaxVit’s Product Manager, the revitalized Max aims to capture the spirit of the modern Filipino husband – loving yet manly, responsible, sleek and stylish.

With these key upgrades comes a new TV ad for MaxVit that levels-up their message to Filipino husbands. It zooms in on touch as a way to give new spark to marriages, featuring real life husbands caressing and kissing their wives as gestures of their affection. This is part of the “How much do you love your wife?” series that reminds married men regarding the importance in trying to always keep the fun and happiness alive in their marriage.

Dr. Violeta Villaroman-Bautista

To support this message, MaxVit invited Dr. Violeta Villaroman-Bautista who discussed the power of touch in marital relationships. Doc Bolet, as she is known to many, is a couples psychotherapist with 20 years of experience and the is the Director of Care and Counsel Wholeness Center: The Center for Family, Workplace and Community Enhancement.

Edric and Joy Mendoza

Also gracing the event are Edric and Joy Mendoza, the first couple campaign ambassadors, who shared their experience doing the commercial as well as tips on keeping the love alive between couples.

Paolo Abrera and Suzi Entrata-Abrera

Carlo Fermin

The media launch was hosted by celebrity couple Paolo Abrera and Suzi Entrata-Abrera, while Joaqui Tupas facilitated the bloggers launch. Both Paolo and Joaqui happen to be MaxVit’s Brand Ambassadors who help spread the word about the brand and the advocacy.

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