Movie Review: Chronicle

What will you do if you have the power to bend things? What will you be up to if you can control things and let it float in the air? What are you going to do if you have the ability to fly? Will you keep it out of the public eyes and leave it as a secret? Or are you going to let these powers take over and control you?

Three high school friends gain superpowers after making an incredible discovery. Soon, though, they find their lives spinning out of control and their bond tested as they embrace their darker sides.

Directed by Josh Trank and written by Max Landis based on a story by both Trank and Landis, “CHRONICLE” is a chilling sci-fi film starring Michael B. JordanDane DeHaanMichael Kelly, and Alex Russell, as a group of friends who gain powerful superhuman abilities, and use them for mischief and personal gain, until one of them begins to use their powers for darker purposes.

In a footage-style movie chronicling almost all events of Andrew (DeHaan) through his video camera, the young man suddenly became obsessed in video recording his, Steve and Matt’s adventure as they gain super-power abilities after being exposed to an out-of-this-world object that seems to come from another planet.

Andrew is a disturbed young man who has a father who seems to neglect his family and an ailing mother who is bound to die any minute.

After discovering his super-human strength and abilities, Andrew was over-powered by his emotion that led to disastrous events, countless deaths and revenge.

This is not filmed in the usual mainstream cinematographic and effects but it captured the essence and the rawness of how CHRONICLE is/was supposed to be filmed. DO NOT WATCH THIS FILM IF YOU’RE TOO MUCH OF A MAINSTREAM.

There were some scenes that you will think will bore you out, but for me, it is just how the movie should be. No musical background, lots of dead air, crappy footages, etc. Yes it has to be like that.  It won’t be a footage-style if it is/was commercially filmed.

Though the movie was budgeted with only $15 million, the special effects used, like the battle between two super-humans were awesome! It was like watching a self-made movie but with great visual effects. The actors also played their parts well. The story lives up to the title as well.

I’ll give the film 4 stars (where 5 is the highest).

CHRONICLE open in Philippine theaters TODAY (February 2) under 20th Century Fox International to be distributed by Warner Bros. Rated PG-13 by the MTRCB.



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