My “Me Time” Moment At Fersal Hotel Makati

Last night, I decided to not to go home. I felt the need to be alone and was looking for a place to stay in Makati.

I stayed for a while at CoffeeBean & Tealeaf in Greenbelt 5 (where my Blogger friends used to hang-out for coffee chat) to do some blog works. The place is insane though because aside from being crowded, it’s also like staying in a public market. Ang ingay! Later that evening, Ruth Floresca and Ferdie Bondoy dropped by to chat, but left around 1:00 AM because they need to go home already (thanks for dropping by, I appreciate it). I was planning to stay there because I thought it was open 24/7. And I realized they will be closing at 2:00AM so I have no choice but to pack up.

I was walking along Pasay Road still undecided what to do when I realized going home is not yet in my option. I checked my GC folder (yes, I have a folder where I place all my Gift Certificates) and luckily, I saved a GC I received from Fersal Hotel when I attended one of their Bloggers event last November 10, 2011. You can actually read my post here to know more about Fersal Hotel, their services and their branches.

I arrived at Fersal Hotel in Neptune Street, Bel-Air, Makati past 3:00 AM. I was still undecided because I know I have to call first to book my stay there. But I took the risk and checked-in anyway. There I arrived and was assisted immediately by their guard. The hotel’s receptionist also accommodated me and though I was advised that they don’t have any available Deluxe Room (worth Php 2,200) that time, she offered me if I am interested to upgrade it instead to a Premium Deluxe wherein I will add up Php 500.00 (original published rate is Php 2,700.00). I gave in since it wasn’t that much compared if I check in to another hotel/motel.

The Premium Deluxe room I had was located at the 4th floor. The bellboy offered to open the air-conditioned in my room while I was still at the reception area settling my bill. The room I have was actually nice. Two bed just for me. I also love the fact that they have a stable and very strong internet connection. It’s a plus factor as I am planning to do more updates in my website while I’m staying here.

My room has a flat screen TV so I watched some shows I’ve missed while online browsing my Twitter and Facebook. I also have a very comfortable bed as well. I love bed that are comfy and thick but soft, and the pillows have the right amount of fluffiness. I actually had a good sleep and woke up around 11:00 AM already.

Since my GC doesn’t include a complimentary breakfast, I didn’t fret because the best thing about Fersal Hotel is that it is located to so many food establishments like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Shakey’s, Pizza Hut, Angel’s Pizza, among others. It is also near A. Venue Mall so there’s so many choices actually. But for my late brunch, I decided to eat at North Park (again, another favorite hang-out of my Blogger friends) and ordered for myself a regular Nanking Beef & Aniseed Beef Tendon noodle in soup, and Taipao. We always order this for sharing but this time, I am eating it all for myself. Yes, I am full until now for doing it.

As of this writing, I am still busy doing some other blog posts. I am happy I decided to stay here at Fersal Hotel. It’s like I’m just staying in my own room. The coziness and the comfort relaxes me. And I realized just now that it wasn’t a bad idea to have a “me time” for myself. I actually enjoyed being alone and disconnected to the outside world (except online, of course). Starting today, I will give myself more time for myself. I am looking forward for my next me time moment, and I am hoping my next stay will be at Fersal Hotel again.

And to avoid the hassle of late check-in, you may want to call first at (02) 912-2691, 912-8000 for reservations. or e-mail or visit Fersal Hotel Makati is located at 107 Neptune Street, Bel-Air II, Makati City. Contact number/s: (02) 897-9123.

Special thanks to Ms. Nica Serrano and Ms. Jean Salonga Fernando of Fersal Hotel Group.

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