NUVALI Cup 2012: Nurturing a New Breed of Sports Heroes

NUVALI has always been a place for many to discover the best the South has to offer. As it is now, NUVALI is a popular weekend destination for active sports like running, biking, football, baseball, sand volleyball and wakeboarding. However, sports enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies alike have a lot more to look forward to in NUVALI.

For the past two years, NUVALI, the wholly sustainable eco-community in the South, welcomed young sports aficionados in its annual sports tournament, the NUVALI Cup. True to its vision, the NUVALI Cup promoteshealthy active living through outdoor sports and encourages sports excellence at a young age. This year, the action and adventure continues as the games will be tougher, and the competition, even stronger.

First held in 2010, the NUVALI Cup is an annual sports tournament that hosts young athletes from various schools all over Metro Manila and the CALABARZON area. NUVALI

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