The Lies Continues At “Pretty Little Liars” Season 2 At ETC!

Whenever I get a chance to watch TV, I make sure to catch up with the shows from ETC at Channel 9. And one show that catches my attention is Pretty Little Liars. I have seen a couple episodes (the most recent was their Halloween episode) and its story plot is actually quite interesting (aside from the hot chicks playing the lead. Actress Lucy Hale is my favorite!). Actually, I first heard about this show thru my Blogger friend Ria Hazel Lumandog because she likes posting about this TV series in her Facebook status.

pretty little liars S2
And now, it’s coming back on its second season at ETC. Here are some information I found about Pretty Little Liar’s Second Season:

The lies continue to pile up when the long-awaited mid-season return of

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