“Walang Hanggan” Powerhouse Cast Features Three Generations Of High-Caliber Actors!

The highly-anticipated Primetime Bida drama series “Walang Hanggan” will finally premiere on January 16 (Monday), showcasing a powerhouse cast composed of two queens of Philippine cinema Susan Roces and Helen Gamboa; ‘eternal love team’ Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta; and the first onscreen team-up of Julia Montes and Coco Martin.

“Walang Hanggan” features the undying love that revolves around characters from three different generations: the love triangle among Virginia (Susan Roces), Margaret (Helen Gamboa), and John (Eddie Gutierrez); the ill-fated lovers Marco (Richard Gomez) and Emily (Dawn Zulueta); and young sweethearts Daniel (Coco Martin) and Katerina (Julia Montes).

Walang Hanngan Presscon_Eddie Gutierrez, Helen Gamboa, and Susan Roces
In a recent press conference, Susan Roces expressed excitement over their newest series. She said, “I’m a fan of teleseryes myself, that’s why I’m very happy to be part of it. But what makes “Walang Hangan” more special is that this is Helen and I’s first-ever onscreen project.”

Meanwhile, Dawn Zulueta, who is set to revive love team with Richard Gomez, took pride in the narrative that they will be offering to the audience. “The story was so great, that it was hard to turn down the role. Everyone can surely relate with the characters’ journey,” Zulueta mentioned.

Walang Hanggan Presscon_Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta
Walang Hanggan Presscon_Coco Martin and Julia Montes
While Zulueta and Gomez rekindle an old onscreen romance, Coco Martin and Julia Montes starts anew. Martin shared, “This is a new challenge for me since this is the first time that I’ll be doing a ‘full love story.’ But I’m getting inspiration from the fact that I’m working with the best actors and actresses of the industry.”

Completing the powerhouse cast are well-regarded actors Rita Avila, Melissa Ricks, Joem Bascon, and Paulo Avelino; with the special participation of Eddie Gutierrez and Joel Torre. The series is directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng and Trina Dayrit.

Never miss the beginning of a story of true love bound to last forever in ABS-CBN’s biggest teleserye offering this 2012, “Walang Hanggan,” this Monday, (January 16), after “Budoy” on Primetime Bida. For more updates, log on to www.abs-cbn.com or follow @abscbndotcom on Twitter.

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