Philippine Azkals’ Anton del Rosario Achieves His Coolest Dreams with Uratex AirLite Mattress

What makes cool dreams possible?

Better beds, of course. However, it’s not just about cooler dreams but better and well-rested sleep. This is what Uratex offers to customers through its latest mattress collection that is sure to keep sleep comfortable and make dreaming cooler than ever before: the Uratex AirLite Mattress.

Uratex AirLite with Anton Del Rosario

Through the Uratex AirLite’s innovative technology, 3D Space Fabric, it provides three-dimensional ventilation around the mattress, thus offering a more breathable and cooler sleeping environment that will leave sleepers feeling well rested, refreshed and revitalized when they wake up.

The constant airflow inside and outside the mattress also keeps the sleeping surface cool, dry and very comfy. The technology allows for heat and moisture to be dispersed away from the body, controlling the temperature of the mattress for a better feel throughout one’s sleep.

Customers are also assured of unsurpassed quality and durability because AirLite is made with superior Uratex Foam, which gives the right support to the body to keep it at the correct posture for more comfort and a more relaxing sleep. Even babies and people with allergies feel absolutely safe to sleep on it because Uratex Foam is hypoallergenic, and covered using a “Matelasse” weaving technique that provides a quilted or padded appearance to give it a smart look with a soft and cozy feel.

Uratex AirLite

This exciting new collection of cool mattresses comes in three types:  like the AirLite Cool made of Uratex plain cut foam for those looking for a basic but cool mattress to sleep on; the AirLite Wind, made of Uratex convoluted foam for a much cooler support while sleeping; and the AirLite Breeze made with memory foam combined with a Uratex foam support for more superior comfort—and cooler dreams.

To complete the cool sleeping experience, Uratex AirLite technology is also made available in Uratex pillows for an undeniably tranquil sleep experience. No sleep can get cooler than that.

Uratex AirLite Bed

Go ask Fil-American defender Anton Edward del Rosario of the Philippine Azkals, the men’s national football team, who was recently appointed as brand ambassador for Uratex AirLite. Anton del Rosario makes sure he gets not just enough but a well-rested sleep in preparation for every game. “That’s the reason why I look forward to going home and rest on my AirLite after every game. I know that sleeping on a Uratex AirLite will help me recharge my body through a good and comfortable sleep and gets me ready and strong for our next game.”

So no matter what the season is, sleepers are sure to enjoy cooler dreams while sleeping on Uratex AirLite mattresses and pillows. Tiring days will definitely be a thing of the past, where your nights of dreaming would be more serene and relaxing, and your mornings will just keep getting better sleep after every sleep.

So who are we to disagree?


To know about the Uratex AirLite line of mattresses and pillows, along with its array of foam and mattress products, go to or call their Customer Hotline at 888-6800. Uratex AirLite by Uratex, the Philippines’ largest manufacturer of commercial and automotive polyurethane foam products, is available in leading department stores nationwide.

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