Antistax®: Stand Up For Leg Health

As the most used and most exposed part of the human body, our legs are at risk for common problems such as pain, swelling, heaviness (ngalay), as well as varicose veins.

These leg complaints, however, are not a problem by themselves. What’s alarming is that these may already be early warning signs of a progressive vein disease called Chronic Venous Insufficiency, which, if left untreated, can have a significant impact on the legs’ function and one’s mobility.

Fortunately, Filipinas are now provided with a natural way to prevent many of the commonplace leg problems as Boehringer Ingelheim Philippines Inc. brings Antistax®, one of the world’s leading anti-varicose supplements, to the Philippines.

The first and only anti-varicose supplement in the local market, Antistax® is the perfect synergy of nature and science in leg health management. It is made with natural red vine leaf extract, which is known to contain a unique ingredient called bio-active Flaven™. Bio-active Flaven™ has been scientifically proven to improve blood circulation in the legs, thus preventing common leg vein problems.

“It has always been our commitment to bring quality products that will help improve the lives of our valued consumers. This is why we are very proud to introduce Antistax®, to the Philippine market,” says Boehringer Ingelheim Philippines Inc. group brand manager Mely Guerrero during the product’s recent launch at Makati Shangri-La Hotel.

Mely Guerrero also adds, “More than just providing knowledge about Antistax®, we would also like to promote consciousness and increase awareness on leg health. We hope that through our efforts, more women can understand the importance of having healthy legs not just for aesthetic reasons but also for their functional value.”

Joining Guerrero in welcoming guests was consumer healthcare director Raffy Llagas.

From left: Boehringer Ingelheim Philippines Inc. group brand manager Mely Guerrero, vascular surgeon Dr. Martin Anthony Villa, Boehringer Ingelheim Philippines Inc medical affairs manager Dra. Joy Pabellon, and consumer healthcare director Raffy Llagas

During the launch which was hosted by Phoemela Baranda, guests were encouraged to undergo the Leg Vein Screening to evaluate and assess the health of their legs. To help them further understand the importance of having healthy legs, Antistax® also invited health experts who shared their insight and knowledge on the matter.

Vascular surgeon Dr. Martin Anthony Villa debunked some myths and misconceptions on leg veins and leg health, while Boehringer Ingelheim Philippines Inc. medical affairs manager Dra. Joy Pabellon discussed more information about Antistax® and its bio-active Flaven™ content.

To celebrate the launch of Antistax®, Boehringer Ingelheim also commissioned five Filipina photographers to showcase photos that capture women’s legs in various shapes, sizes, and situations. Titled Legs for Life, the exhibit features photographs by Sara Black, Mau Aguasin, Ia Genato, Shaira Luna, and Ria Regino. The exhibit aims for women to understand and appreciate that beautiful legs are healthy legs.

Legs for Life 1 by Mau Aguasin

Legs for Life 2 by Ria Regino

Legs for Life 3 by Sara Black

Legs for Life 4 by Shaira Luna

Legs for Life 5 by Sofia Genato

The event also featured testimonials by female professionals who shared with the audience their personal experiences with leg problems and how they stand to benefit from an anti-varicose supplement like Antistax®.

Indeed, with Antistax®, women will no longer have to worry about experiencing leg pains and instead continue engaging in life more with their healthy, beautiful legs.

Antistax® is a product of Boehringer Ingelheim Philippines Inc. and is available in all leading pharmacies and drugstores nationwide. No approved therapeutic claims.

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