Movie Review: Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo?

Based on Ramon Bautista’s popular book, Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo? is the first team-up onscreen of Kim Chiu and Xian Lim directed by Joyce Bernal. Like its catchy title, is this something to crush on or it’s better to find another movie to watch?

The film tells the story of Sandy (Kim Chiu), a brainy ugly duckling girl who gets dumped by her ex-boyfriend in their anniversary causing her to fall for depression. After getting his own rejection from his fiancé, Alex (Xian Lim) returns to the Philippines and was asked by his grandfather to run a faltering record company. Being the consistent employee of the month, Sandy almost threw away her career but Alex promised to turn her to someone worth loving in exchange of helping him in the company.

I’ll start with the technical side. I didn’t like some product placement shots. It wasn’t a lot and I know this is something inevitable since the stars are endorsers but one scene felt like a commercial. There were also some sound problems because some dialogues may sound like an echo which is a bit bothersome at times. I like the choices of songs in scenes. My problem with the background music is that they sometimes enter abruptly during some dramatic sequences. In terms of production design, I like the San-Do (for Sandy and Gardo) sign at Sandy’s cubicle. It earned some chuckles from the audience.

Since it’s a Star Cinema love story, it visits the familiar territories of the genre’s old formula making the story the typical and predictable rom-com film that the studio usually produces. In the end, the story is not the film’s winning component despite being based on a good book and being able to present some good outlook of break-ups and moving on. The film’s real asset is the comedic performance of Kim Chiu as Sandy. Thanks to her, I was surprisingly entertained all throughout. Honestly, I wasn’t convinced in the trailer that she’s funny and found her a bit trying hard but when I saw her in the film, I was proven wrong. She can really pull off comedy. Her scenes were hilarious. Her LOL lines are still fresh in my mind until now. In my opinion, she carried the film and made it a fun watch. Playing Sandy’s boss Alex, Xian Lim still has to improve his acting in terms of dramatic scenes but he gave the charm that his role requires. As for chemistry, they proved to be deserving of winning the Best Love Team of the Year in the recent Yahoo! OMG Awards. Even if they’re just staring with each other, they have it.  For the supporting players, EJ Jallorina added some comic relief as Sandy’s gay brother, Mylene Dizon was overly cartoony, Pokwang was good in her limited scenes and Freddie Webb portrayed a cool grandfather. It also features a nice appearance from author Ramon Bautista who gave his side insights.

Overall, the film is one laugh trip owing much of its fun to its lead star. Despite its typicality, it was actually cute – a feel good crowd pleaser from start to end.


If there is one good reason to have a “crush” on this film, it’s Kim Chiu’s comedic performance! Prepare to laugh for her.


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