BPI Family Auto Loan Free Insurance Promo, Protecting Your Hard Earned Car At No Extra Cost

Experience has taught us how rain can be life endangering, catastrophic and damaging to our properties. Since your car is one of the most valuable investments you own that is very vulnerable to the profound weather, protecting it is very essential. But never let these calamities threaten your hard earned investment and let BPI Family Auto Loan help in protecting your brand new car.

BPI Family Auto Loan makes car ownership easy and worry-free through its FREE 1-year Comprehensive Insurance with Acts of Nature Coverage* (ANC) promo. The promo, which runs until June 21 2013, is a pioneering promo of BPI Family Auto Loan that aspires to protect newly-purchased cars, through its car financing facility, from the frightening effects of calamities. As BPI Family Savings Bank knows that your vehicle is important in providing your family with convenient transportation in work, business and leisure, protecting it from natural threats such as heavy rains and other unforeseeable incidents is necessary. This bank offering also relieves clients of the usual steep upfront expense when buying a brand new car by eliminating the pricey auto insurance cost which amounts to about 3% of the car’s value (e.g. Php 30,000 insurance cost for a car worth Php 1,000,000). BPI Family Auto Loan understands your needs as it continues to commit to its mandate of guaranteeing your money’s worth.

“BPI Family continues to provide our clients an advantage in the Auto Loan industry, and one way we do it is through the ‘Free 1-year Comprehensive Insurance with Acts of Nature Coverage’. With this, our clients not only get their auto insurance for free but can be assured that something they worked for is protected. We want to develop the sense of trust and advantage when acquiring your brand new car and this is one of the ways we can implement it,” shares Mr. Felipe Carlos, VP and Head of Auto Loans Division.

With the bullish growth of the auto loan business, expanding by 22% from January to May this year compared to the same period last year, BPI Family remains optimistic that this industry will advance in a broader prospect with its continuous and value-rich promos and perks for its clients. BPI remains true in its commitment to make cars fast, easy and affordable for customers to own.

To apply for an auto loan and avail of the promo, please log on to bpiloans.com or visit any of the over 800 BPI/BPI Family Savings Bank branches nationwide. You may also call (02) 8456777.

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