Daniel Padilla Is KFC’s First Celebrity ‘Streetwise’ Endorser

Kapamilya young heartthrob Daniel Padilla obviously has the looks, the talent, and the opportunities. With numerous endorsement deals, a high-rating television show, a chart-topping album and the title of ‘hottest’ tween heartthrob in the industry, he definitely wants for nothing. From all these, some may get the impression that he probably gets most everything served on a silver platter.

Not so fast on that verdict though, because Daniel Padilla credits his mother, former actress Karla Estrada, for bringing him up to be a streetwise individual.

“As a kid, I could’ve taken the school bus but I preferred walking with my friends or taking the tricycle going to school,” Daniel Padilla said. “It was more economical and we saved up on the transportation fare.”

Daniel Padilla, even at his very young age, believes in being streetwise on many things despite having a steady stream of gigs and projects coming his way. “I know how hard it is to earn a living these days,” he said. “I would never go on a spending spree just because I’m already earning. I continue to consult my mother on finances and I always think over planned purchases many times over before acting on it.”

Daniel Padilla also knows how to truly impress a girl without being too much of a spendthrift. “While a girl might be blown away by a really expensive gift, I believe that they equally value the creative, thoughtful gifts that have nothing to do with the amount on the price tag.” He added that he especially likes giving small things that he himself made to a girl he likes, which has even included singing or writing her a song. “It’s the things that money can’t buy which sometimes mean more and stay longer in her or your friends’ memories,” he said.

This smart practicality makes Daniel Padilla the perfect face for KFC Streetwise. He also happens to be the very first celebrity endorser of the premiere fast-food chain here in the Philippines.

“I’m a self-confessed KFC fan and I can no longer remember the first time I tasted KFC Chicken,” Daniel Padilla said. “It remains my ultimate favorite. I don’t think I have ever visited KFC without asking for a KFC Chicken Original Recipe.”

KFC Streetwise is the answer to young people’s long-time challenge of having a good meal without spending too much. The menu includes mouthwatering and filling choices of KFC Crispy Fries, Mashed Potato, Mushroom Soup and Brownies – each one for only Php 20.00.

“KFC has always been committed to providing consumers with quality food made with the freshest ingredients,” said Natalie Perez, Marketing Director of KFC Philippines. “With KFC Streetwise, we are able to give people from all walks of life the choice for so good and so real food without breaking their wallets.”

Aside from the Php 20.00 Streetwise line, KFC Streetwise also gives groups of friends the so good times to enjoy a meal with its Streetwise Box (six pieces of chicken for Php 299.00) and Streetwise Bucket Meal (6 pieces chicken, 3 rice, 3 regular Fixins and 3 regular drinks).

For regular updates, follow KFC on Twitter @KFCPhilippines and like their Facebook page www.facebook.com/kfcphilippines. For deliveries, simply dial 887-8888* or go to www.kfcdelivery.com.ph.

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