It’s About More Than A Good Steak with Chef Sharwin Tee at ‘Curiosity Got The Chef’

Getting that great steak doesn’t have to put a hole in the wallet—that’s what Chef Sharwin Tee is set to prove on this week’s episode of Curiosity Got the Chef.

To add that perfect touch of gourmet to your humble abode, curiosity leads to creating all the necessary courses to make that perfect steakhouse dinner complete, including all the right courses to make it truly authentic and unforgettable—all the while being unbelievably affordable.

Steak Fries with Longganisa Cream by Chef Sharwin Tee

Spicy Double Garlic Soup by Chef Sharwin Tee

Steak Fillet with Casa Butter by Chef Sharwin Tee

Bacon Cobb Salad by Chef Sharwin Tee


With recipes like Spicy Double Garlic Soup, Bacon Cobb Salad, Steak Fillet with Casa Butter, and Steak Fries with Longganisa Cream, it is sure to be a mouth-watering dining experience. Catch the third season of “Curiosity Got the Chef” this Wednesday (June 19) at 9:30 p.m. on the Lifestyle Network.

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