The Winning Energy Behind Filipino Champions Chris Tiu, Kiefer Ravena, Prince Carlos

With the aim of raising awareness on the importance of breakfast to youth development, MILO brought two new faces on board to lead by example. College basketball prodigy Kiefer Ravena and rising cager Prince Carlos join professional athlete Chris Tiu in exemplifying the MILO brand of sportsmanship and wellness.

As three of the most esteemed and accomplished alumni of the MILO sponsored Basketball Efficiency Scientific Training (BEST) Center program, Kiefer Ravena, Prince Carlos and Chris Tiu know the importance of replenishing their bodies with energy and nutrients for a hard day on and off the court. While striking a balance between the physical demands of sports and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a challenge in itself, these champions are equipped with the discipline and values brought by years of training at home.

Raising champions one power breakfast at a time

For years, these MILO champs have looked to their mothers for guidance before taking on the challenges ahead. To prove that the best athletes are not born but raised, Mozzy Ravena, Olive Carlos, and Lianne Tiu share their role in developing their sons

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